May 272017

The Connecticut Corpse Caper (A Triple Threat Mystery Book 1)
Cozy Mystery
1st Book in Series
Self Published
Print Length: 317 pages

The antics of seven inheritance recipients during a week-long stay at a Connecticut estate are detailed by protagonist Jill Jocasta Fonne. The will of her aunt stipulates that if anyone leaves early, his or her share will be divided among those remaining. As it happens, one does leave—permanently—when he dies just hours after arrival. Guests and staff alike have secrets to share as Jill and her colleagues, Rey and Linda, discover when they step out of their chosen professions into the roles of amateur sleuths. But are these secrets the reasons that bodies start appearing and disappearing? Others soon join in the sleuthing, and the bumbling and stumbling—and mayhem—begin.

Praise For The Connecticut Corpse Caper
by Tyler Colins

The Connecticut Corpse Caper is the first book in the new Triple Threat Mystery series by Tyler Colins. It’s a good, solid start to the series.
~Valerie’s Musings

Author Tyler Colins inserts a lot of humor and more than one body into this tale, and her style of writing makes for a fast read.
~Lisa Ks Book Reviews

The opening chapter of this book proved to be quite the hook with its description of the Moone estate, it immediately pulled me in.
~I Read What You Write

For fans of mystery dinners and black and white movies about spending nights in haunted houses, this tribute to well known detective noir is a great escape read.
~Laura’s Interests

Excerpt #5 (Scene from Chapter 11)

The lock was sturdy and secure. I was about to request suggestions as to how to open it with no hairpins or sharp implements in reach when something movie-time popped into my head. I reached upward and felt along the doorsill. Nothing. So much for ingenious flashes. Not completely discouraged, I moved onward.

Percival gestured. “Help me break it down.”

Adwin scanned the door that had to be as solid as a fortress gate. The look he gave the middle-aged gent suggested he thought the man two screws short of demented.

“Do you have a better idea?” His question held enough chill to form ice crystals on Adwin’s thin upper lip.

“I do.” I held up a brass key I’d found secured to the underside of a staircase banister.

Ignoring Percival’s outstretched hand, I unlocked the door. Despite its thickness and size, the door swung inward as easily and lightly as if it were a feather fan.

Adwin slipped in first, lighting the way for several feet. “Wow.”

The round room was filled with artifacts and curiosities and Prunella’s “oddments”. “Wow” didn’t begin to describe it. Numerous showcase pieces, made primarily of bone and horn, were so simple and crude they could only have been homemade. But made in whose home? The mad scientist, Dr. Moreau’s?

A tiny control, cleverly camouflaged to blend into roughhewn bricks alongside the door, proved to be a light switch. A soft glow, pale as moonlight, swathed the room.

“Maybe we should have stuck with candlelight,” Adwin said with a tight smile, positioning the candelabrum in the gauntlet of a 16th-century knight. “Hang onto that, willya Lancie?”

“What a hodgepodge,” Percival muttered.

“You’ve never been in here?” I asked. I’d come to believe brother and sister did everything together. So how had Prunella known what was in here? An educated guess? Or a personal invitation?

“Never had the, mmm, privilege.”

“How ugly is this guy?” Adwin’s face was an inch from a wrought-iron griffin. The winged monster stood as tall as he.

“Not half as hideous as this one,” Percival said, eyeing a terra cotta cherub corbel near a high and narrow arched window. “Keeee-rist. The thing looks possessed!”

I’d have argued that a bronze fountain top I’d nearly crashed into beat theirs by a mile or two; a crazed-looking eagle with pointed wings that nearly touched the ceiling clasped a misshapen world in sharp, oversize talons.

Thunk. Swish. Cheep-chirp-chitter. Strange subdued sounds emanated from the area of a carved Gothic gargoyle gracing the wall across from the window.

We exchanged glances that wavered between baffled and frightened.

“Is this where we poke our guardian against evil in the eye and he steers us to a secret room?”

Adwin stepped forward and pressed one eye and then the other. Nothing happened.

“Try the ears,” Percival suggested.

Nothing happened.

“Go for the Donald Trump backcombed coif,” I offered.

Adwin looked at me with a furrowed brow, then ran fingers across the gargoyle’s head. Something caught his interest. A jiggle here, a joggle there, and ta-da, a three-by-five-foot portion of the wall slid sideways, sounding like a dull spade scraping pebbled earth.

There are 2 more books in this series:

Can You Hula like Hilo Hattie? (A Triple Threat Mystery Book 2)

Novice sleuths Jill, Rey and Linda stumbled and bumbled their way through The Connecticut Corpse Caper with winning results. That success prompted the trio to become bona-fide detectives. The first official assignment for the owners of the Triple Threat Investigation Agency: discover the dirty little secret of an elderly millionaire’s pretty, young wife. This sounds easy enough—until the wife is found dead along a Pacific shoreline. One murder evolves into several, with any one of a cornucopia of curious persons being the potential killer. Dealers, informants, and the seedy world of drugs enter the paradisiacal picture. This is a perfect opportunity to hone detecting skills and prove the newfound Hawaiian-based agency is a viable venture. Can the trio unravel the intriguing twists . . . before the twists ravel them?

Coco’s Nuts (A Triple Threat Mystery Book 3)

Rookie private eyes JJ, Rey and Linda stumbled and bumbled through The Connecticut Corpse Caper and Can You Hula like Hilo Hattie? with stellar results. Now the trio, proud owners of the Tripe Threat Investigation Agency, have yet another multi-murder mystery to solve. Who set up their client, socialite-turned-trucker Buddy Feuer, to take the rap? And where is nutty Coco Person, who has been MIA since the murders went down? In their detecting travels, they meet up with former acquaintances, some of who may not be all that they seem. Add bombs and debt collectors (limb breakers) to the list of ingredients, and you have one explosive recipe.

Tyler Colins is primarily a writer of fiction and blog posts, and a sometimes editor and proofreader of books, manuals, and film/television scripts. She’ll also create business plans, synopses, film promotion and sales documents.

Fact-checking and researching, organizing and coordinating are skills and joys (she likes playing detective and developing structure).

Her fiction audience: lovers of female-sleuth mysteries. Her genres of preference: mysteries (needless to say), women’s fiction, informative and helpful “affirmative” non-fiction.

She aims to provide readers with smiles and chuckles like the ever-talented Janet Evanovich and the sadly passed and missed Lawrence Sanders, the “coziness” of Jessica Fletcher, and a few diversions and distractions as only long-time pros Jonathan Kellerman and Kathy Reichs can craft.

Please feel free to visit her blog:…

Friend her on Facebook:

Follow her at Twitter:
Tyler Colins@UsBound3

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May 202017

Ivy Get Your Gun (An Ivy Meadows Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
4th in Series
Henery Press (May 16, 2017)
Paperback: 234 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1635112078

There’s a new sheriff in town—and she can sing! When Gold Bug Gulch’s actor-gunslinger Mongo winds up shot for real, actress and part-time PI Ivy Meadows goes undercover as the ingénue in the tourist town’s melodrama. Unfortunately, she’s distracted by a pack of marauding Chihuahuas, a problematic love life, auditions for Annie Get Your Gun, and a personal mission: to show people the real Annie Oakley.

What’s more, the no-good, yellow-bellied varmint who killed Mongo isn’t finished with the Gulch—or with Ivy. Will our heroine prove she can get a man with a gun—before the killer gets her?

Related subjects include: cozy mysteries, women sleuths, murder mystery series, whodunit mysteries (whodunnit), amateur sleuth books, book club recommendations, humorous murder mysteries, private investigator mystery series.

Books in the Ivy Meadows Humorous Mystery Series:

Praise for  Ivy Get Your Gun
by Cindy Brown

This is one of my favorite series. Ivy is such a fun character to spend time with! I always find it difficult to put down one of Cindy Brown’s books.
~The Girl with Book Lungs

Not only is author Cindy Brown balancing the laughs with murder and the very real danger Ivy is facing, but she is also walking a fine line with comedic characters who are funny yet come across as real. She pulls it off perfectly.
~Carstairs Considers…

Chapter one of this tale had me both laughing out loud and gasping in shock!
~Lisa Ks Book Reviews




Cindy Brown has been a theater geek (musician, actor, director, producer, and playwright) since her first professional gig at age 14. Now a full-time writer, she’s lucky enough to have garnered several awards (including 3rd place in the 2013 international Words With Jam First Page Competition, judged by Sue Grafton!) and is an alumnus of the Squaw Valley Writers Workshop. Though Cindy and her husband now live in Portland, Oregon, she made her home in Phoenix, Arizona, for more than 25 years and knows all the good places to hide dead bodies in both cities.


Author Links

Website & Blog

Twitter handle: @friendlybrown

Facebook : 

Purchase Links

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May 162017

The Final Vow (A Living History Museum Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Setting – Ohio
Midnight Ink (May 8, 2017)
Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0738745923



Summer weddings in Barton Farm’s picturesque church are standard procedure for museum director Kelsey Cambridge. At least they were until the Cherry Foundation, which supports the museum, orders Kelsey to host her ex-husband’s wedding on Farm grounds.

Ambitious wedding planner Vianna Pine is determined to make the bride’s Civil War-themed wedding perfect. But each time Vianna’s vision threatens the integrity and safety of the Farm, Kelsey has to intervene.

When Kelsey finds Vianna’s dead body at the foot of the church steps, everyone’s plans fall apart. With both the wedding and Barton Farm at risk of being permanently shut down, Kelsey has to work hard to save her own happily ever after.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Barton Farm’s picturesque church is the perfect place for a summer wedding but the next wedding on the calendar is not one Kelsey Cambridge is looking forward to. The wedding planner Vianna Pine is a perfectionist but Kelsey can handle that, it the bridezilla she can do without. Krissie Pumpernickel, her ex’s fiancee is driving both Kelsey and Vianna crazy with her demands. Going so far as to ask the the flowers be removed from the gardens because they draw insects and have lights strung up the steeple. Vianna is bending over backwards to please her client but Kelsey has to think of safety and the farm’s credibility first, no matter what sort of tantrum Krissey throws.

When Kelsey is notified that there is a dead body by the church she hustles over to find it is Vianna. This sends the wedding, the wedding couple, and the bride’s family into a tailspin. They are more concerned about their special day than the dead wedding planner. Her death could mean that Barton Farm could be shutdown. Everyone including the board of trustees turns to Kelsey to solve their problems. They expect her to pick up where Vianna left off with the wedding, save the farm and find the killer since the police seem to think Krissey makes a pretty good suspect. Will the church bells be ringing or will the bride be behind bars??

Amanda Flower brings on the drama in this 3rd  Living History Museum Mystery.

Kelsey Cambridge has the patience of a Saint. Single mom, manager of Barton Farm, Eddie’s ex, meaning she has to stay on his and Krissey’s good side because they are rumbling about changing the custody arrangement, friend, daughter, girlfriend, amateur sleuth. She is juggling all these balls in the air and now we add wedding planner. When does this woman sleep? She also does all this with a smile on her face 99% of the time.

The characters in this series are so well crafted. They do leap off the page. The staff at the farm has each other’s back. They work well together and try to protect each other. At least most of them. We saw a different side of Eddie, he truly loves the woman he is marrying. Krissie, while not my favorite character by a mile brought so much to this story. She was almost beyond the term bridezilla. It is a diverse cast of characters and they are all very interesting and truly entertaining. I loved the addition of the Abraham Lincoln reenactor, played by a man who is a little to fond of alcohol. Krissie loved him too. It was a small part but he and Krissie’s reactions made me giggle.

As I said the story is full of drama including a terrifying twist at the end. There were so many turns throughout the story that as the story reached its peak I was totally surprised. The plot was very strong. In addition to the murder mystery some artifacts have gone missing from the museum’s storage. This means law enforcement spends a lot of time there. The pace of the story was very steady until the reveal, then my heart was beating rapidly and invisible steam was coming out of Kindle as I was quickly flipping pages.

For me this book was another Perfect Escape. Each story tops the one before. I can’t wait for the next installment.


Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent


About This Author

Amanda Flower, a two-time Agatha Award-nominated mystery author, started her writing career in elementary school when she read a story she wrote to her sixth grade class and had the class in stitches with her description of being stuck on the top of a Ferris wheel. She knew at that moment she’d found her calling of making people laugh with her words. She also writes mysteries as national bestselling  author Isabella Alan. In addition to being an author, Amanda is an academic librarian for a small college near Cleveland.

Praise for The Final Vow
by Amanda Flower


As we go through the lists of suspects you will be changing your mind and I was really surprised as to whom the culprit was.
~Maureen’s Musings

The Final Vow was a beautiful mystery, yes I did say beautiful.
~Bibliophile Reviews

…you’re turning the pages to find out the answers just to find more twists and surprises you aren’t expecting. Until the end when it all comes to together and leaves you with your mouth wide open in shock.
~Rainy Day Reviews

This is one story that gives readers wonderful characters and a mystery that was hard for me to solve. I was very , very surprised when the killer was revealed.
~Texas Book-aholic

If you enjoy a good mystery, full of romance, humor, and wit, than The Final Vow is one for you!
~A Cozy Experience

I loved the characters they are all likable. The plot is well done and the reader will be kept guessing and shocked to find out who the real killer is.
~Babs Book Bistro


Author Links:

Website  Pen Name Website     Facebook    Twitter    Goodreads    Pinterest

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Amish Quilt Shop Mystery Series (writing as Isabella Alan)

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May 132017

Nadine Nettman stops by to play 20 Quick Questions!

Favorite Color – Purple

Favorite Candy – Butterscotch Squares from See’s Candies

Favorite Snack – Leftovers. I love leftovers, especially Thai food

Favorite Soft Drink – I don’t drink soda, but I love sparkling water

Favorite Hard Drink –  Wine, especially one with a story behind it

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor – Vanilla with caramel swirls and either pecans or brownies mixed in

Favorite Movie – Psycho. I saw it without knowing that Norman Bates was his mother so I got the full effect Hitchcock was going for. Amazing

Favorite TV Show – I have a few different ones: The Office, Sherlock Holmes, Big Bang Theory, and Santa Clarita Diet

Favorite Book – Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Favorite Fictional Character – Kinsey Milhone

Favorite Super Hero – Wonder Woman. I used to watch the show when I was a kid and I loved how she was so strong and confidant

Favorite Singer/Group/Band – I love so many that it’s hard to choose, but I’ll go with the one that’s held my heart nearly all my life: The Beatles

Favorite Carnival Ride – Ferris wheel

Favorite Spring Activity – Looking at the flowers, both wild and cultivated

Favorite Summer Activity – Swimming


Favorite Fall Activity – Running

Favorite Winter Activity – Skiing

Favorite Place to Read – Outside in a comfy chair with an umbrella and a cold drink

Favorite Place to Write – A coffee shop in Santa Barbara, though I don’t get there very often

Dream Vacation Destination – Everywhere. My husband and I love to travel and try to take as many trips as we can

Thank you Nadine for playing 20 Quick Questions!!

Uncorking a Lie (A Sommelier Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Midnight Ink (May 8, 2017)
Paperback: 240 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0738750620


It was the kind of invitation Katie Stillwell had only dreamed about: a dinner party at the Sonoma mansion of famed wine collector Paul Rafferty to celebrate a rare bottle of wine. Everyone enjoys drinking the $19,000 wine, but Katie realizes it’s not the older vintage listed on the label. When she confides in Mr. Rafferty, he asks her to investigate, and she soon discovers the deception goes beyond money. As Katie falls deeper into the world of counterfeit wine, she learns everything is at stake—even her life.


About The Author

Nadine Nettmann, a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers, is always on the lookout for great wines and the stories behind them. She has traveled to wine regions around the world including Chile, South Africa, Spain, Germany, and every region in France. When she’s not visiting wine regions or dreaming up new mysteries, her travel articles have appeared in AAA Hawaii, New Mexico Journey, Modern Luxury Hawaii, and Inspirato. Nadine is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers of America, and International Thriller Writers. She lives in California with her husband.

Author Links    Website     Facebook     Twitter     Goodreads

Purchase Links

Amazon  B&N 

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May 132017

Bad to the Bone (A Barkery & Biscuits Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Midnight Ink (May 8, 2017)
Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0738746289


Veterinary technician Carrie Kennersly, owner of the Barkery & Biscuits bakery for dogs, is reluctant to sell her recipes to pet food manufacturer VimPets. Jack Loroco, a VimPets representative, assures Carrie that it would be a great opportunity to grow her business. His promising new relationship with Carrie’s friend, Billi Matlock, doesn’t hurt his cause. But the budding romance takes a bad turn when Wanda Addler, another VimPets employee, sets her sights on Jack.

After threatening to ruin Jack’s career if he doesn’t give her what she wants, Wanda is found dead. Jack and Billi are put at the top of the suspect list, and Carrie is doggone determined to rescue them from a life behind bars.

Praise for Bad To The Bone
by Linda O. Johnston

The premise of this storyline is cute. I loved all the pets and their owners who frequent Barkery & Biscuits and Carrie has endeared herself to the townspeople.
~Cinnamon, Sugar, and a Little Bit of Murder

I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed getting to know the characters.
~The Journey Back

linda o johnston


About The Author –

Linda O. Johnston’s first published fiction appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and won the Robert L. Fish Memorial Award for Best First Mystery Short Story of the year.   Since then, Linda, a former lawyer who is now a full-time writer, has published more short stories, novellas, and 38 romance and mystery novels, including the Pet Rescue Mystery Series, a spinoff from her Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime, and Harlequin Romantic Suspense as well as the Alpha Force paranormal romance miniseries for Harlequin Nocturne.  She additionally writes the Superstition Mysteries for Midnight Ink.  Her latest cozy mystery series, the Barkery and Biscuits Mysteries are also from Midnight Ink.


Author Links:    Webpage     Facebook

Purchase Links:     Amazon  B&N 

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May 092017

A Perfect Manhattan Murder (A Nic & Nigel Mystery)
by Tracy Kiely

A Perfect Manhattan Murder (A Nic & Nigel Mystery) by Tracy Kiely
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Setting – New York
Midnight Ink (May 8, 2017)
Paperback: 240 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0738745244

The play’s the thing, but it’s the star-studded after-party that sends sparks flying

Thrilled that their friend’s Broadway debut was a rousing success, Nic and Nigel Martini, along with Nic’s college pal Harper, are trying to enjoy the exclusive after-party. Unfortunately, all the champagne and repartee in the world aren’t enough to overlook the churlish behavior of Harper’s husband, Dan. Nic is shocked the next morning when she learns that Dan’s been murdered. Nigel thinks the world may be a better place without him.

Still, Harper’s their friend and they’re intent on helping her any way they can. The Martinis will stop at nothing—with the possible exception of cocktails and walks with their bull mastiff Skippy—to see that the killer ends up behind bars.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

This is one of my all-time favorite series!

I was so excited to get this book. Nic, Nigel, and Skippy are so much fun to be around. The characters are loosely based on the characters from The Thin Man Series by Dashiell Hammett but you don’t need to read the books or watch the movies to enjoy these stories although fans will love the similarities.

This time they are in New York for a Broadway debut. After a critic gives a scathing review he is found dead. The critic happens to be married to Nic’s friend Harper. Nigel is not too sorry the man is dead but he joins Nic to help find the killer and support her friend any way they can.

This story is a really quick read. The pace is fast, the dialogue is snappy, and humor runs profusely throughout.

If you are new to this series you need to know that Skippy is not a small dog. He is a bull mastiff and he goes almost everywhere with Nigel and Nic. When people see him for the first time there is usually quite a reaction.

As we approached, her gaze dropped to Skippy: seconds later, her jaw followed suit. “Dear God, is that a dog?” she asked.

Nigel put his fingers over his lips. “Yes,” he said in a hushed voice, “but we haven’t told him yet. We’re waiting until he is older.”

I really enjoy the way Tracy Kiely writes. I feel like I am right with the “in crowd” tagging along with the Martinis. I can picture everything so clearly from the setting to the drinks to what everyone is wearing. She also gives us a fine mystery with plenty of suspects. The plot is lighthearted and has a breezy feel. You know like the movies from the days before I was born that remain some of my favorites today. I easily read it in an evening and found it absolutely entertaining.

A Perfect Manhattan Murder is the perfect spring/summer read, including recipes for some perfect cocktails. I highly recommend the entire series!!


Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent


About The Author –

Tracy Kiely is a self-proclaimed Anglophile (a fact which distresses certain members of her Irish Catholic family). She grew up reading Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, and watching Hitchcock movies. She fell in love with Austen’s wit, Christie’s clever plots, and Hitchcock’s recurrent theme of “the average man caught in extraordinary circumstances.”

After spending years of trying to find a proper job that would enable her to use her skills garnered as an English major, she decided to write a book. It would, of course, have to be a mystery; it would have to be funny; and it would have to feature an average person caught up in extraordinary circumstances. She began to wonder how the characters in Pride and Prejudice might fit into a mystery. What, if after years of living with unbearably rude and condescending behavior, old Mrs. Jenkins up and strangled Lady Catherine? What if Charlotte snapped one day and poisoned Mr. Collins’ toast and jam? Skip ahead several years, and several different plot ideas, and you have her first mystery Murder at Longbourn.

While she does not claim to be Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, or Hitchcock (one big reason being that they’re all dead), she has tried to combine the elements of all three in her books.


Author Links:    Webpage      Facebook       Twitter    Blog

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Amazon B&N

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May 052017

This Flashback Friday needs a bit of a clarification.
The author first released this book back in 2015,
but it was released it with a new cover in March 2017 preceding the release of Written in Stone, the 3rd book in the series. I added the book to my wish list last year when the 2nd book in the series tour with Great Escapes.

A Stone’s Throw
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Setting – New York
Solstice Publishing (March 8, 2017)
Paperback: 322 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1625265463



Widowed librarian Alicia Fairmont needs answers…

After her husband is killed in a hit and run accident, Alicia travels upstate to his hometown of Cobble Cove, New York, hoping to locate his estranged family and shed light on his mysterious past. Anticipating staying only a weekend, her visit is extended when she accepts a job at the town’s library.

Secrets stretch decades into the past…

Assisted by handsome newspaper publisher and aspiring novelist, John McKinney, Alicia discovers a connection between her absent in-laws and a secret John’s father has kept for over sixty years. But her investigation is interrupted when she receives word her house has burned and arson is suspected, sending her rushing back to Long Island, accompanied by John.

Back in Cobble Cove, cryptic clues are uncovered…

When Alicia returns, she finds a strange diary, confiscated letters, and a digital audio device containing a recording made the day her husband was killed. Anonymous notes warn Alicia to leave town, but she can’t turn her back on the mystery—or her attraction to John. As the pieces begin to fall into place, evidence points to John’s involvement in her husband’s accident. The past and present threaten to collide, and Alicia confronts her fears…

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Alicia Fairmont is struggling to move on after her husband’s death. She didn’t know much about his family and they didn’t show up for the funeral. She thinks that if she connects with them it will bring her the peace she needs to get on with her life. She knows he considered Cobble Cove his home she she hopes to find some answers there.

Soon after arriving she meets John McKinney, publisher of the local newspaper and he agrees to help her find out her husband’s mother and his sister. She also meets his father and the library director. The director hears that Alicia is a librarian and quickly offers her a job. While considering the offer she receives a call from home that her home has been burned to the ground. John accompanies her back to deal with all the aftermath. But her mind is still back in Cobble Cove. She wraps up what she can and returns back there to try to get the answers she needs.

Instead of a simple meeting of her in-laws she uncovers secrets, clues and evidence that turn the whole thing into quite a mystery. Many things are not what they seem and everything she learns takes her in a new direction until the last clue puts everything in order.

This is a complex mystery that is very well written. I had a couple of issues about how quickly certain events take place but as I delved further into the story those became minor glitches.

Cobble Cove is an unusual town and not typical for a cozy mystery. It felt very dark to me at times. The town is full of cottages with whimsical street names but there was just a pallor over the town. People are hiding something from Alicia and the story was getting a more suspenseful feel, but never truly veered into the thriller genre.

I liked Alicia but my verdict on John was out until almost the very end of the story. In fact I wasn’t trusting of anyone in Cobble Cove until the final pages. There is a wide variety in the personalities of all the characters, the bubbly townspeople that are on every committee, the shut-ins who have books from the library delivered to them, the detective that was downright rude, Dora,who runs the only place to stay in town, and of course John, his father and Sheila, the director of the library.

De Louise is an excellent storyteller. Her descriptions of time and place took me right into the pages. She includes many twists and turns to keep us as readers motivated to keep those pages turning. Everything wraps up nicely by the end of the story. If I didn’t know this was the first book in the series I would have thought it was a stand alone novel.

This story was different and so much more than I expected when I started reading. It is a very entertaining mystery coupled with a unlikely romance. I will definitely be checking out the next two installments.


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About The Author

Debbie De Louise is an award-winning author and a reference librarian at a public library on Long Island. She is a member of Sisters-in-Crime, International Thriller Writers, and the Cat Writer’s Association. She has a BA in English and an MLS in Library Science from Long Island University. Her published novels include Cloudy RainbowA Stone’s Throw, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, and Written in Stone. Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Cobble Cove Mystery #2) has been on the Amazon bestseller list for cozy mysteries. Debbie has also written articles and short stories for several anthologies of various genres and a romantic comedy novella, When Jack Trumps Ace. She is currently seeking agent representation for her psychological thriller, Sea Scope. Debbie lives on Long Island with her husband, daughter, and two cats.

Author Links:   

Facebook     Twitter   Goodreads    

Amazon Author Page    Website/Blog/Newsletter Sign-Up


Between A Rock and a Hard Place by Debbie De Louise

Publisher: Solstice Publishing (October 12, 2016)
Paperback: 316 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1625264534

Synopsis – Book 2

Librarian Alicia McKinney has put the past behind her…

Two years ago, Alicia discovered both a terrible truth and lasting love with John McKinney in the small town of Cobble Cove, New York. Now a busy mother of twin babies and co-author of a mystery series, Alicia couldn’t be happier.

Alicia’s contentment and safety are challenged…

Walking home alone from the library, Alicia senses someone following her, and on more than one occasion, she believes she is being watched. Does she have a stalker? When the local gift shop is burglarized, the troubling event causes unrest among Alicia and the residents of the quiet town.
John and Alicia receive an offer they can’t refuse…

When John’s sister offers to babysit while she and John take a much-needed vacation in New York City, Alicia is reluctant to leave her children because of the disturbances in Cobble Cove. John assures her the town is safe in the hands of Sheriff-elect Ramsay. Although Alicia’s experience with and dislike of the former Long Island detective don’t alleviate her concern, she and John take their trip.

Alicia faces her worst nightmare…

The McKinneys’ vacation is cut short when they learn their babies have been kidnapped and John’s sister shot. Alicia and John’s situation puts them between a rock and a hard place when the main suspect is found dead before the ransom is paid. In order to save their children, the McKinneys race against the clock to solve a mystery more puzzling than those found in their own books. Can they do it before time runs out?

Written in Stone
Cozy Mystery
3rd in Series
Solstice Publishing (April 3, 2017)
Print Length: 215 pages

Alicia McKinney is confused . . . .

Was the strange email her husband received from the fictional detective in their mystery series a threat? Did the killer mistake the woman shot in the library for Alicia or the victim’s twin sister?

Cat vs. Dog . . .

After Sneaky goes missing from the library, will he turn up before a young girl becomes ill with worry over his disappearance? And will he return in time to outsmart Fido by being first to find the perpetrator’s smoking gun?

Alicia is worried . . .

While waiting for the killer’s next move, Alicia has other concerns. An old flame of John’s is in town and her friend, Gilly, has adopted the role of Miss Marple to aid her sheriff boyfriend in his investigation.

When all clues point to one of her co-workers, Alicia joins Gilly in searching for the answers to the mystery.

Will they survive . . . .

or is their ending written in stone?


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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

May 052017

Till Dirt Do Us Part
by Teresa Trent

A wonderful cozy read with lots more going on than just a murder investigation.
~Laura’s Interests

This book is why I read cozies. It is full of great character driven story. It is not so hung up on the mystery that it forgets to be about the people.
~I Read What You Write

This was a quick, enjoyable read. The characters are likable and well developed.
~Bookworm Cafe

A great read you will find yourself turning the pages faster and faster.
~Babs Book Bistro

Till Dirt Do Us Part by Teresa Trent
Cozy Mystery
Pecan Bayou #7
Self Published April 24, 2017
Print Length: 266 pages

Not everything stays buried. When Betsy, a notorious brown thumb gets roped into a gardening contest sponsored by the Pecan Bayou Gazette, she finds herself digging up more than weeds. She is ridiculed by the garden club ladies, and now her heart breaks for a newly single mom whose world has just collapsed. The Happy Hinter is back so take some time to revisit the cozy little town Pecan Bayou, Texas. Grab a glass of sweet tea before you turn the dirt in the garden and sit a spell with all your favorite characters who dole out heartfelt caring and compassion with a side of humor. Till Dirt Do Us Part includes bonus recipes and helpful hints from Betsy’s column!

Teresa Trent lives in Houston, Texas and is an award-winning mystery writer.  She writes the Pecan Bayou Mystery Series, is a regular contributor to the Happy Homicides Anthologies. Teresa is happy to add her Henry Park Mystery Series to her publishing credits with Color Me Dead, the first book in the series. Teresa has also won awards for her work in short stories where she loves to dabble in tales that are closer to the Twilight Zone than small town cozies. When Teresa isn’t writing, she is a full-time caregiver for her son and teaches preschoolers music part-time. Her favorite things include spending time with family and friends, waiting for brownies to come out of the oven, and of course, a good mystery.

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Apr 212017

Cat Got Your Cash: A Kitty Couture Mystery
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Setting – Louisiana
Crooked Lane Books (April 11, 2017)
Hardcover: 336 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1683311089
E-Book ASIN: B01MR48G5L


Lacy Marie Crocker’s whimsical pet couture has gained a following in New Orleans’s cozy Garden District, and word of mouth has traveled all the way to her favorite fashion designer, Annie Lane. Lacy’s thrilled when Annie schedules a private session at her home to discuss a companion line for her evening wear, but when Lacy arrives for the appointment, she enters the kitchen to two mewling Siamese cats–and one very dead Annie.

Lacy takes the kittens home to care for them until they can be properly claimed by Annie’s family or friends, but after a busy day of work, she returns home to find them missing. And when Lacy learns the cats are set to inherit Annie’s fortune, she begins to wonder if the killer was after the kittens all along. Now Lacy will stop at nothing to save the Siamese and find justice for Annie–if the killer doesn’t sink his claws into her first.

Luckily, Lacy has the help of handsome NOLA PD homicide detective Jack Oliver to help her catch the cat-napper before its too late in Cat Got Your Cash, the endearing second Kitty Couture mystery from Julie Chase.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Isn’t the cover of this book just priceless. I couldn’t wait to start reading to find out how those Siamese kitties fit into the story. Their names are Cotton and Cashmere and it turns out they belong to fashion designer, Annie Lane. Sadly our protagonist Lacy Marie Crocker finds her dead when she shows up for a meeting. Lacy had been looking forward to working with her favorite designer on a companion line of pet couture creations. Now she has been asked to care for her cats and that seems to put her in danger. Those cute little cats come with a huge trust fund so could Annie have been killed just so the killer could get their hands on them and the CASH. Would they kill again to get what they want. NOLA PD homicide detective Jack Oliver is on the case but Lacy pushes herself right into his investigation.

Lacy is a girl after my own heart. Her creativity shines in the hatS, scarves, capes and more that she makes for cats, dogs, and even llamas. Her mother is all about her finding a good husband and thinks attorney Chase Hawthorne would be the perfect match.  But I am on team Jack, the man so clearly in love with her even though she just doesn’t see it. Her dad is more of a go with the flow guy. He is always there for his daughter. Their relationship is strong, close, and heartwarming. She also has a fur baby named Penelope. This cat will give you more than one laugh out loud moment.

The author gives us several suspects from the designer’s ex-husband to her assistant, another designer, and even some bloggers. They are all viable suspects so it was fun parrying them down. The ending took me totally by surprise. What a fabulous twist!

Julie Chase is an awesome storyteller. These characters really pop and the mystery pulls you right in. The cover grabbed my attention and the story held it from start to finish.

Another cat-ivating cozy to add to your lists!


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About The Author

Julie Chase is a mystery-loving pet enthusiast who hopes to make readers smile. She lives in rural Ohio with her husband and three spunky children. Julie is a member of the International Thriller Writers (ITW) and Sisters in Crime (SinC). She is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyons Literary Agency.
Julie also writes as Julie Anne Lindsey. Learn more about Julie at





Purchase Links:

Amazon     B&N     BAM!    IndieBound

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Praise for Cat Got Your Cash
by Julie Chase

Come for the felines and fashion, stay for the fun and flirtations.
~Laura’s Interests

Holy Moly, this book blew the first book, Cat Got Your Diamonds, away, and I LOVED the first book!
~Classy Cheapskate

I absolutely loved Cat Got Your Cash by Julie Chase…
~Sapphyria’s Book Reviews

Cat Got Your Cash is a fast paced keep you on the edge of your seat as Lacy and friends try to discover the real mysteries without becoming the next victim.
~The Journey Back

Engaging characters, a vivid setting (complete with the Deep-South mood of suspense that clings to the air), a well-plotted mystery, and a brewing romance – Cat Got Your Cash has it all!
~Reading is my SuperPower

…a delightful read.
~Valerie’s Musings

Starting from the cover that I loved, this book hooked me since the first page!
~ Varietats

I adore Julie Chase’s Kitty Couture series and it has quickly become one of my favorites.
~ The Power of Words

This was a very entertaining read with a good bit of humor in it. It was well written and fast-paced, making it an easy read.
~Melina’s Book Blog

Reading this book brought me laughs, smiles, and moments of “did they do it?” it was the perfect mystery!
~Bibliophile Reviews

Cat Got Your Cash by Julie Chase is a superb visit to the heart of the Big Easy. You get the French Quarter and the Garden District, the distinctive food and music, as well as the magic and endurance of the city and its people.
~Back Porchervations

I really liked the idea of Lacy’s shop. It’s such a unique and cute idea.
~Bookworm Mom

I thought it was a really good mystery with great characters and I can’t wait for the next one!
~Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!

With a clever heroine, a dash of romance, and cats galore, there’s something in this cozy to please almost everyone.
~The Book’s the Thing

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Apr 152017

Southern Fried (A Kenni Lowry Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
2nd in Series
Henery Press (April 4, 2017)
Paperback: 252 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1635111873
Kindle ASIN: B01N212SJ8


In the South, it’s better when the food is fried and the secrets kept buried…

After the dead body of a beloved Cottonwood resident is found tangled up in an electric fence, Sheriff Kenni Lowry has a hunch that somethin’ ain’t right. Her investigation heats up with a fierce cook-off competition, a euchre game where the intel is sweeter than the brownies, and a decades old family recipe that may just be the proof in the pudding.

The icing on the cake: Kenni is fighting an attraction to her recently sworn-in deputy sheriff, and election season is hot on her tail. When the killer comes after who she holds most dear, even her poppa’s ghostly guidance might not be enough to keep her and her own out of the frying pan.

Praise For

Southern Fried
by Tonya Kappes

With a fantastic cast of characters and a story filled with humor and murder you won’t be able to put it down.
~Shelley’s Book Case

Tonya Kappes had me laughing from the opening pages of Southern Fried…

I love these books because the whodunit isn’t all that obvious. Just when I think I’ve figured it out, a new wrench is thrown into the mix and I’m back to square one.
~Reading Is My SuperPower

Full of Tonya’s sass and spirit, this series keeps up a strong pace and keeps Sheriff Kenni on her toes.
~Laura’s Interests

This is an engaging story full of misdirection and undercurrents…
~ Jemima Pett, Author

It was a good solid mystery, the author kept me guessing and I like that.
~Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!

This book was a great cozy mystery that was set in a small town… I loved all the Southern Sayings.
~Because I said so — and other adventures in Parenting

In a nut shell, if you like mysteries with a dash or two of southern charm and humor, you’ll enjoy this one.
Laura’s Ramblins and Reviews

If there is one thing you count on in a book from Tonya Kappes, it’s a laugh out loud until you cry story filled with southern characters that are as eclectic as they come. SOUTHERN FRIED is written proof of that.
~Lisa Ks Book Reviews

One thing I really enjoyed about this book was that it was still light and humorous.
~Rainy Day Reviews

Ms. Kappes is an incredible author who weaves fabulous stories through her eyes. I feel honored to be part of her fans reading her stories…
~Community Bookstop


About the Author

For years, USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes has been self-publishing her numerous mystery and romance titles with unprecedented success. She is famous not only for her hilarious plotlines and quirky characters, but her tremendous marketing efforts that have earned her thousands of followers and a devoted street team of fans. Be sure to check out Tonya’s website for upcoming events and news and to sign up for her newsletter!


Kenni Lowry Mystery Series

Fixin’ To Die

Southern Fried

Also by Tonya Kappes

Olivia Davis Paranormal Mystery Series


COLOR ME LOVE (novella)


Magical Cures Mystery Series












Grandberry Falls Series





A Laurel London Mystery Series




A Divorced Diva Beading Mystery Series




Bluegrass Romance Series



Women’s Fiction


Young Adult


A Ghostly Southern Mystery Series







Enjoy a free ebook from Tonya when you sign up for her newsletter by clicking here.

Visit Tonya:

Facebook at Author Tonya Kappes

Kappes Krew Street Team

Kappes Krew Recipe Exchange



Recipe Submission Email




 Purchase Links

Amazon   B&N

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