Review: Moon Spinners by Sally Goldenbaum

This was originally published at Dollycas’s Thoughts on April 15, 2010.


Hardcover Release April 27, 2010

The ocean breezes, sandy beaches and the moon glistening over the waves means we are back in Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, for this third installment of Sally Goldenbaum’s Seaside Mystery Series.  
The Moon Spinners are at work, “imagine the women of ancient Celtic myth pulling the silvery strands of light from the sky and winding it on distaffs until weeks later the waning moon would disappear completely, leaving the world wrapped in a blanket of total darkness, the tides quieter, creatures safe from the hunter.“*
The Seaside Knitters are attending a fundraiser to build a new community center.  Two building companies are working together on the project even though the families can’t stand each other.  The party is interrupted by the drunken ex-wife of one of the builders who also happens to be a sister of the other.  This little interruption causes one lovely socialite to leave the party early.
At the same time Sam Perry is scuba diving at Devil’s Cove with some friends. It is his first night dive and as he emerges from the water he sees the moon hanging so low that he could almost reach up and touch it.  It looks almost eerie, Sam, never without his camera, turns it up toward the night sky, but his attention is quickly drawn to a car moving much to fast down the curvy road that outlines the edge of Devil’s Cove.  The other divers surfacing around him notice the car’s headlights and they all watch in horror as it misses the curve and flies through the air across the moon and falls to the rocky shore below.  Later we learn the brake lines on the car had been cut which means, it was no accident, but MURDER.
The Seaside Knitters spring into action to try to find the killer, but the clues do not knit together easily, many loose ends cause their theories to unravel, there is something they are all missing, the one thread that will stitch everything together.


Each book in the series gets better and better.  The characters are like old friends, and their friendship keeps them together through thick and thin.  It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, male or female, this group that meets every Friday night for food, drinks and fellowship will always be there for each other, and they welcome new people with ease.  Yes, there is a mystery to solve and the plot is tight, but these stories are more about the friendship to me.  It would be wonderful if we all could have a fantastic group of friends like this tightly knit group in Sea Harbor.  I hope there are more books in the series, I anxiously await another visit to this seaside village.

*excerpt from book

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