Cozy Mystery Challenge 2012

Yes, it’s another Cozy Mystery Challenge, this one is hosted by Deb at Debbie’s Book Bag. I am addicted to both challenges and cozies so I am also joining this one at the Super Sleuth Level too.

This and the Cruisin’ Thru Cozies Challenge are each a bit different so if you are not cozy crazy like me, be sure to pick the one that works best for you, but don’t be afraid to sign up for both like me as they both have different levels.


~ Sign-Ups for this challenge will run from December 4, 2011 to February 4, 2012. (This will give those interested two months to sign-up in order to be counted in the challenge)
~ Deb would prefer participants to subscribe via e-mail or twitter for updates (not required, just handy!)
~ The Challenge will begin on January 1 and run through December 31 of 2012. (Books should be read during this time period)
~ There will be four levels of participation. Each participant MUST choose a level, if they read more that’s great… just don’t go below the level you choose or I can’t count it for the grand prize.

Level 1 Snooper: 1 to 3 Cozy Mysteries
Level 2 Gumshoe: 4 to 6 Cozy Mysteries
Level 3 Private-Eye: 7 to 9 Cozy Mysteries
Level 4 Super Sleuth: 10 to 12 Cozy Mysteries

~ You do not have to have a blog to participate, but you must choose a place to post your reviews. I must be able to follow your links back to the place where you post your review. You may suggest alternate locations to me and I will decide if they meet the criteria of the challenge. Reviews will be accepted from these locations:

Your blog
Barnes & Noble

~ Participants may read in a variety of different formats: print, audio, e-book, Arc’s, library books, books from your own collections. Most anything will count as long as it’s a cozy!
Here’s a great definition of a cozy mystery.

Deb will be posting a Bi-Monthly post for challenge reviews. (Jan. & Feb., March & April, etc.) Participants will be asked to post a link to any cozy review they posted during each two month period. You don’t have to post a link every time and you can catch up at any time if you feel you are behind.
~ Deb will be sending out e-mail reminders to challenge participants when the two-month post goes up. Just to help you keep in mind that the challenge is still going on.
~ There will be six mini-giveaways through out the year. If you post a review link for a given two month period you will be eligible to win! Prizes will be announced at the time of the mini-giveaway.
~There will also be other mini-challenges and incentives going on throughout the year (For example: Mini Challenge: Read a cozy mystery set during Halloween, Read a cozy mystery will a male protagonist etc.) and there will be prizes for these as well.
~ There will be one grand-prize. Participants who meet the guidelines for their level of participation will be eligible to win the grand prize: A cozy mystery series (Up to Five books). Deb will also allow some mixing and matching if you would prefer. The winner will be chosen January 1st 2013 and prizes will be mailed out by the middle of the month. She will be using to choose the winner!

Does this sound like a challenge you would like to try. Head over to Debbie’s Book Bag and fill out the form today!!

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