My Personal Just For Fun Wrap Up

I have finished my 12 books but didn’t put much of a dent in my To-Be-Read stacks.
Here are the books I read. Remember one person that completes this challenge will receive my 12 books as a prize.


Frankly My Dear I’m Dead by Livia J. Washburn
Sweet Revenge by Andrea Penrose
Tressed To Kill by Lila Dare
Louisa and the Missing Heiress by Anna Maclean
Blood Memory by Margaret Coel
The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs
Fundraising The Dead by Sheila Connolly
Pushing Up Daisies by Rosemary Harris
Scratch The Surface by Susan Conant
Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald
Outside In (ARC)by Courtney Thorne-Smith
Lost & Found by Jacqueline Sheehan

I am not using my books as a prize next year. Too much pressure to try to think about what others would like to read, was it first in the series, etc. So in 2012 I am reading for me and JUST FOR FUN!!!

It is not too late to sign up for next year’s challenge. Just Click Here For Details

This month’s book Frankly My Dear, I’m Dead, was one that had been screaming at me from my to-be-read stacks for awhile and after the author guest posted here recently for her other series that I loved, I knew I had to get to it . There are two more books in this series and another edition coming soon. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the others, only I won’t be reading them just for fun. I will be reviewing them so I can tell you how good they are and encourage you to read them as well.

I really enjoyed the first year of this challenge and hope you did as well. We started the year with 72 participants and sadly about half will not finish. I hope by setting it up on GoodReads in 2012 will make it easier for everyone to keep track of their own books read JUST FOR FUN!! There will be a special kick-off giveaway to participants early in January, so be sure to get your individual posts set up on GoodReads before then because only participants with posts ready to go at the time of the giveaway will be eligible. The group will also close to the public on January 31, 2012. Anyone without an active topic showing their name and that they have committed to the challenge will not be able to participate so be sure to have your posts ready!!

6 thoughts on “My Personal Just For Fun Wrap Up

  1. I am done too. I am interested in which one was your favorite too. You have such a great group of books there.


  2. Veil of Roses was my favorite of this group.

    You don’t have to choose books ahead of time, just pick one up that strikes your fancy and read it “Just For Fun”. I hope we have a big group in 2012, so I can add more prizes!!!

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