Blogoversary Celebration – Day 4

Today’s Giveaway it sponsored by
my furry feline assistants!!

They like to sit here and watch the words and cursor move across the screen. They also like to help me type. I wish I could blame them for all the typos, but I can’t. They do make things interesting as they walk across the keyboard though. Last week one of them was being extra helpful and actually published one of my posts. The problem was a code was left open and when it posted it changed the font of all the other posts on my blog. I was in a panic trying to figure out what happened. Luckily my friend Bex, (a very computer savvy human) saved the day, found the problem and fixed it quickly. Needless to say his typing privileges were revoked. See that one in the sidebar, that’s him and he is now in charge of the bookshelf, not the desk!

Each of them has picked a book out for this giveaway, so this is a 3 book package!

I have picked

Love those big kitties!


I have chosen

The cats on the cover look like lots of fun.





My choice is

That one in the middle looks just like me!



The lady in charge (Mom/Grandma) will add some bookie things including a really cool bookmark!

To Win these fantastic feline featured books you need to fill out the form below and answer correctly one very important question about US!!

U.S. Residents Only

Contest will end January 13 at 11:59 p.m. CST

**Note: Google Friend Connect will soon be disappearing so to encourage you to change your way of following my blog  there are no bonus points this time for following by Google Friend Connect.

9 thoughts on “Blogoversary Celebration – Day 4

  1. Happy Blogoversary. I cannot express how much joy I have received from your site and the books you share. Here’s to another year of joy and laughter!

  2. Your middle kitty looks like my stray kitten Tubby I just toke in. All your kitties are so cute.
    Sue B

  3. I have 4 kitties who boss me around but they are loads of laughs. Oldest is almost 14 and youngest 7, with 2 males and 2 females.
    I do enjoy your blog and thanks for introducing me to more great authors and more great books.

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