It Takes A Witch by Heather Blake

It Takes a Witch: A Wishcraft Mystery
An Obsidian Mystery
Published by New American Library
A Division of The Penguin Group

The First Wishcraft Mystery
Release Date: January 3, 2012

This new mystery series introduces us to Darcy and Harper Merriweather. They have come to Salem, Massachusetts and the Enchanted Village to help their Aunt Ve in the family business. You see, they come from a long line of witches, specifically Wishcrafters, they can make wishes come true. The news of their history is quite a surprise but they are going to embrace it and learn all about it with the help of Aunt Ve. The first thing they learn is that the village is inhabited by witches and mortals and telling who’s who is not an easy task.

Shortly after arriving in the village a mortal that wants to be a witch is strangled with dear Aunt Ve’s scarf. The body is found by Aunt Ve’s sweetheart, Sylar, and he ends up being accused of the crime. Ve believes he didn’t do it and the girls would do anything for their aunt. Unfortunately you can’t just wish for the truth to appear. In fact there is a whole manual on Wishcrafting and there are so many rules. So Darcy starts by doing some old fashioned detective work, a little breaking and entering, and some eavesdropping to put all the clues together. Who knew magic could be so much work?

Dollycas’s Thoughts
I wish this story never ended or that the next one was in my hands today. This is a fun little mystery and a really delightful story. Murder, magic, mystery, they just naturally go together. A little romance adds to the fun.

The Enchanted Village is truly a magical place, full of whimsical characters. A place where wishes come true and spells are cast. A place where the familiar becomes extraordinary. A place I would love to visit often. I wish I could go there now. Sadly, no Wishcrafters around here today, but A Witch Before Dying will be out in August. I will just have to wait. Until then you can enjoy It Takes a Witch: A Wishcraft Mystery.  It is just the book you have been wishing for.

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  1. This series sounds awesome. I definitely will be hopping over to add it to the wishlist. Once again it sounds like you found a winner:) Thanks for sharing.

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