Dec 312011

I think I am finishing out the year pretty well.

183. Playing The Hand She’s –Dealt David Fingerman
184. You Might As Well Die –J J Murphy
185. Remembering Christmas –Dan Walsh
186. Hearts on a String –Kris Radish
187. Dead Bolt –Juliet Blackwell
188. Christmas Mourning –Margaret Maron
189. Three Day Town –Margaret Maron
190. A Cookie Before Dying –Virginia Lowell
191. The Meerkat Wars –H.S. Toshack
192. Frankly My Dear I’m Dead –Livia J. Washburn
193. Under The Same Sky –Genvieve Graham
194. Affairs of Steak –Julie Hyzy
195. A Promise of Safekeeping –Lisa Dale
196. It Takes A Witch –Heather Blake
197. If Fried Chicken Could Fly –Paige Shelton

My goal for the year was 180 so this total means for the Outdo Yourself Challenge I outdid myself by 17 books 🙂

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  3 Responses to “100+ Reading Challenge – December”

  1. Wow! You are all over it!

    Happy new year!

    If you’re interested in making changes send me an email & Ill help.

  2. you did great! Loved reading your list.

  3. Geez, that’s a lot of books!!! I usually do about 100 a year, and I thought I read a lot! Lol! Good for you!!!

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