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I have 2 Dreamy Escape Packages for this giveaway!

Dreamy Escape #1

This one may give you nightmares 🙂

Edited for Death

When Amy Hobbes takes on the editor job of a small town Northern California newspaper she expects a fairly easy job. She decides she wants to write a book about Senator Robert Calvert who had died recently. He was a WWII war hero and the famous son of a family from nearby Marshalltown. His family owned the Marshalltown Hotel since the Gold Rush, but as more people with connections to the hotel end up dead, secrets begin to emerge and the book takes a backseat to the daily news and solving the murders. Some of the secrets even lead to a Holocaust survivor who has been tracking stolen goods taken during the war. Quickly the past of the Calvert family puts not only Amy but her friends in danger, simple research could end up with dire consequences.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
An excellent debut!The author’s background in journalism shows in every word and every page. The story was well researched and a bit of a history lesson as well. The flashbacks to the war were amazingly insightful. The settings rich with history. The characters clearly defined. The story builds and unfolds at a rapid pace. There is bit a romance starting for Amy as well which adds another wonderful element. I hope the author has more adventures planned for Amy Hobbes, this is a wonderful start to what could be a very entertaining series.

Dreamy Escape #2

Carry Yourself Back to Me

This one was re-released this month with a new cover.
The author’s way of writing could be called dream like but
the story will keep you wide awake and the pages turning.

Song writer and performer Annie Walsh has plenty of material in her everyday life, the songs should just be pouring out of her. Her lover has left her for another woman, her family is a mess and her career is going nowhere fast, but the lyrics are not flowing. Annie escapes into her home on the edge of a lush Florida tangelo grove with her dog, Detour, trying to forget about the love she has lost to another. She spends her days picking fruit and sanding every piece of wood in her home down to the bare grain. But thoughts of Owen are forever on her mind.

All of the sudden her solitary life is completely disrupted when he brother because the prime suspect in a horrendous murder. Her life is turned upside down as she has to deal with issues from her past, trying to cope in the present and not even thinking about the future.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
I enjoyed Carry Yourself Back to Me. This author is extremely talented, not only is the main character a song writer but Deborah Reed has written the story is such a way that it flows much the same way a song does. Whether she is describing a sunrise or her character’s turmoil it has a melodic feeling and rhythm. We travel back and forth in time with Annie revealing secrets, thoughts, fears and the writing seems effortless. The only thing I would have changed about this book was I would have completely cut the last chapter. After the wonderfully written story it would have been nice for a change to be left wondering a little.

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