Monday’s Music Moves Me!!


This is a fun meme conducted by Xmas Dolly, co-conductors Stacy from Stacy Uncorked, Lorie from The Shewbridges of Celebration, and Callie at Jamerican Spice. This meme is so much fun and so easy!!! Just go to one of the links above for the details and enjoy the music.

THIS WEEK’S THEME’: Songs from your wedding or the year you were married

I used on of the songs from my wedding a couple of weeks ago for the Duet Theme. Just You & I by Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle. Back in November I used the other one Looking Through The Eyes of Love by Melissa Manchester. So I am going with some songs from 1983!!!

You knew there would be a Styx song!!!!


7 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me!!

  1. Great music! It’s such fun to see other’s had on their wedding day. The thing is with mine, I didn’t get to hear the two songs played and I wish I had. Oh well, I have a Bread CD and it gets played a lot.

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY GIRLFRIEND!!! Totally neat! I’ll tell you what’s neat is these songs you picked. I sooooooo love your taste in music! You go girl. Thanks for playing along once again. Next week is Freebie week don’t forget! Have a great week! hugzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Hi Dolly, Sorry I’m late, but I have to get my blogging done when I can with my job. Love all your song choices. You may have seen I’m getting married this summer, and I’m loving Xmasdolly for this great theme. I’ve been making a list of songs to give to my fianee to play at our wedding from this wonderful theme. I love all your songs, so thanks for your contribution. I can’t wait until she gets here – she’s from the Dominican Republic. Hope you have time to stop by there’s picture of us on today’s Post. Thanks again & personally I like the Safety Dance the best. It’s such a fun song. Have a great day. Already following.

  4. Ooops I’m also a new follower. Very nice to meet you & again thanks for your help with the songs. I’ll be sure to keep checking you out every Monday because I like your taste in music. Have a great weekl

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