Small Blogs Big Giveaways

This is a new type of giveaway I am trying! Let Me know what you think!

The Book Giveaway: winners will be able to choose from the big stash of prizes, it’s one BIG giveaway! You only need to enter it once via the rafflecopter tool (through any of the participating hosts. It’s different from a giveaway hop, where each blog hosts their own giveaway). For this giveaway there will be 5 winners! The first winner gets to choose 7 books and the others 5 books.

Book Stash:

Participants will have to enter the book giveaway in order to enter the Cash Giveaway, this is where all the giftcards will be given away! Under the Small Blogs Big Giveaways post in each blog, there will be a form that you can enter to win one of the giftcards being given away! To each host you visit and fill the form, you’ll receive one entry! So is we have 10 hosts, you will be able to have 10 entries for the Cash Giveaway! For this giveaway there will be 7 winners,one for each gifcard!

Cash Giveaway Prizes:

US $20.00 to

(x2)US$10 to either Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ARe

(x4)US$5.00 to


Organized by: Reading Romances

Beck Valley Books
Book Flame
Sweeping Me
Frugal Experiments
My Little Pocketbooks
Nocturnal Book Reviews
Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book
Scribble by Moonlight
Reading Rendezvous Reviewz
Read 2 Review
Harlie’s books
Close Encounters with the Night Kind

Featured Books from Participating Authors:

Beloved WizardCassadaga Moon


Grey's LadyThe Forgotten Child


A Knight's VengeanceAlmost an Outlaw

Rainie's Lake


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13 thoughts on “Small Blogs Big Giveaways

  1. WOw- what a giveaway. Thanks for being a part of it. TGIF! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I don’t care for these kind of giveaways. I prefer to enter for a book that I really want to read from a site that I enjoy reading everyday rather than signing up for emails. following by GFC, etc. from other sites that I probably won’t go back to because I don’t have much interest in their content. That’s not to say they are bad sites but just ones that I’m not really interested in. I do understand that it is a good way for sites to get people to know them.
    I really hate jumping through all the RAFFLECOPTER hoops. It takes time away from reading your site.
    I do thank you for your great reviews and “easier” giveaways!

  3. I’m confused. I was told join rafflecopter for contest but that’s prompting me to start my own giveaway. How am I to get points from it??

  4. I am grateful for the giveaway opportunity, but a little confused. I completed the tasks on the first blog I stopped at. Does this mean I do not go and play at the other sites? I prefer checking out the individual blogs and seeing what is going on at the individual sites and what kinds of interests are shared. Thank you for the opportunity to win a prize 🙂

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