Small Blogs Big Giveaways Winners

These were announced on Reading Romances a couple of days ago.

I am still unsure about this type of giveaway, so please feel; free to share you thoughts.






Book Giveaway:

6 Books:
Entry #5349Georgia M.

5 Books Each:
Entry #3320Jessie
Entry #164Ashlyn W.
Entry #5269Amy S.
Entry #7092Nancy B.


US $20.00 to
#168: Emma Kesner

US$10 to either Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ARe:
#234: Catherine L.
#458: Sherie Morford

US$5.00 to
#396: tammy ramey
#401: June Manning
#167: Georgia Gaudette (Elmo Rulez)
#194: Theresa Janke

The winners have all been contacted via email.

Thank you to everyone that participated!

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