Dodge the Bullet by Christy Hayes

Dodge the Bullet
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A.J. Dodge is a man with a past. He recently returned home to Hailey, Colorado, to become a rancher like his dad. He has six sisters so “he knows women”.

Sarah Woodward is trying to put her life back together. Her husband passed away over two years ago and she has decided to leave Atlanta and relocate to Hailey where she and her husband bought a ranch they hoped to move to someday. Her sons are not very happy about moving but she feels the small town is a better place to bring up her sons than the fast paced city of Atlanta.

What Sarah doesn’t understand is why a U.S. Senator is trying so hard to buy her land in Colorado away from her. She doesn’t understand that the Senator has made some promises he can’t fulfill without her land.

Sarah really knows nothing about running a ranch and realizes the place needs a lot of work but she is not going to let anything deter her dream.  She is very surprised when a handsome man shows up at her door offering help, telling her the Senator sent him through a local friend, Tommy Thorton, to help get her off to the right start.  The handsome man is A.J. Dodge and when the Senator finds out that Tommy sent Dodge to help Sarah, he is livid.

The Senator wanted someone he can control, someone that would ensure that Sarah would see that there was no way she could run a ranch. Dodge was the exact opposite of what the Senator had in mind. Now he will have to take drastic measures to get that land and Dodge is the man standing in his way.

Plus Dodge may understand women, but Sarah is unlike any woman he has every known. He finds himself risking everything to keep her and the kids safe.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I love a story with a strong woman and Sarah has been through the wringer but she is still tough as nails. She is stubborn and opinionated and sparks fly immediately between her and Dodge as he tries to treat her as a helpless woman.  

Dodge is a strong man that doesn’t care what anyone think about him. He is in Hailey to put down roots no matter how many people are talking behind his back.

The mystery of Dodge’s past and the suspense of the Senator trying to steal the land added nicely to make this a very enjoyable read. It is very well written and I can see why is was a finalist  in the 2007 Virginia Romance Writers Fool for Love Contest. This is my first Christy Hayes novel but it definitely will not be my last.

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