Monday’s Music Moves Me!


This is a fun meme conducted by Xmas Dolly, co-conductors Stacy from Stacy Uncorked, Lorie from The Shewbridges of Celebration, and Callie at Jamerican Spice. This meme is so much fun and so easy!!! Just go to one of the links above for the details and enjoy the music.

It’s A Freebie Week!!

Dancing With The Stars starts tonight with Green Bay Packer Donald Driver as one of the STARS!!

I miss Julianne on the show but love her songs!!

Gavin DeGraw is also on this year!

And Gladys Knight too!

Do you think the singers have an advantage?


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9 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me!

  1. Girl, get down with your bad self. You have so out done yourself. YOU ROCK! Didn’t know that song/video of Gladys Knight. I can’t believe I let that one get by me. Totally love their stuff. Have a great day.

  2. I think I might watch DWTS this season I have missed a few years! I love “That Song in My Head”. I had never heard the Gavin DeGraw song “Not Over You” very good. Of Course Gladys Knight and the Pips, a classic, love it!!
    Have a great week 🙂

  3. Since I don’t subscribe to any cable or satellite, I have never watched a Dancing with the Stars. My grandmother is a big fan, though. Thanks for sharing the songs. I did like hearing Gladys Knight and the Pips again.

  4. I loved the way you link 4Ms with DWTS celebrities! We didn’t get to watch last night because we were in the middle of a big outdoor project. Hopefully, tonight we can catch the recap and see how the elimination process goes. You know, I don’t know if the singers have anymore advantage than the next person. You’d think they would, but I’ve seen some singers not move so well on the dance floor. It’ll be interesting to see how these do,though. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love Gavin Degraw and Gladys Night but really don’t care so much or Julianne Hough.
    I also don’t watch DWTS as I don’t like any reality TV.
    Thanks for always bEing so supportive, we really appreciate your playing along every week.

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