Adrift on St. John Winners!!!

Darlene G. (Manitoba)
Marianne B. (Arizona)
Jessie M. (Connecticut)
Julia H. (Minnesota)
Angela G. (Florida)
You have each won a set of
awesome picture postcards!

Lisa G. (Florida)
Carol M. (Pennsylvania)
Maureen E. (Pennsylvania)
You have each won a set of 2 matted photos taken by Rebecca M. Hale!

Carol W. (Texas)
Deanna S. (Massachusetts)
You have each won a copy of

Adrift on St. John (Mystery in the Islands)

plus a matted photo!

Thank you to everyone that entered!
Winners chosen by

Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent

3 thoughts on “Adrift on St. John Winners!!!

  1. Thank you for ‘Adrift on St. Johns’. I will really be looking forward to it. I love it when there are lot of winners in a contest.

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