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Several years ago I met an amazing woman. Her name is Kim Tews. My husband and I were in a home construction business and Kim, a Realtor, came into our lives to help us sell the houses we built. After my accident in March 2001 we lost the business but one of the first faces I saw when I came out of intensive care was Kim’s. She would come by often to talk, read to me and even brought her wonderful daughters who drew beautiful pictures to hang on my walls. She is an awesome friend, a fantastic Realtor, but what made her “Amazing” is what she and her husband did a few years later.

Kim and Randy are “Making A Difference“. They started a non-denominational Christian organization with the goal of improving the quality of life of the world’s poor by providing humanitarian aid, hope, and compassion without regard to race, color, nationality or religious affiliation. Below you will find the story of Outreach For World Hope.

The Need

The Chiquimula region of Guatemala is located in the eastern part of the country known as “The Dry Corridor” due it is chronic shortage of rainfall resulting in drought conditions and long term famine. OWH has been working in the region since 2005 to save the lives of children found in the end stages of starvation, while at the same time providing pathways out of poverty, and hope for the future, through education and sustainable agriculture programs.

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Kim and Randy lead mission trips to Guatemala to help the people there, building schools and churches, teaching skills that will sustain them, and bringing necessary supplies donated by people here in Wisconsin. There is a missionary couple that lives right there to keep the good works going daily as well.

Please watch this video to see the different programs Outreach For World Hope provides.

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You can make a difference too!

It is hard to know what to pick for a book giveaway for this hop as we focus on some truly wonderful charities. I hope my choices are to your liking.

Escape #1

A Family of Strangers

From Agatha Award Nominee and 10 Time IMBA National Bestseller Tim Myers! In a few hours, Joshua Vance’s life in Oregon is turned upside down. His proposal to his girlfriend is rejected, she asks him to leave their apartment, and he learns that a cousin he hasn’t seen in many years is in the hospital, dying. Her last request is to see him one last time. On a whim, Josh moves across the country, leaving everything behind in his old life, and sets out to start a new one. He visits his cousin when he arrives in North Carolina, and then moves into her home, an old fashioned boarding house where a host of quirky characters live, and Josh does his best to fit in with this family of strangers.

Escape #2

Hearts on a String: A Novel

Holly Blandeen has always cherished the story her grandmother told her about the thread that connects all women, tying them forever in sisterhood. It’s a beautiful idea, but with all the curveballs life has thrown her way, Holly has often felt isolated, different from other women. That starts to change when she meets four strangers in an airport and they agree to share a luxury hotel suite because a powerful spring storm is barreling across the country, stranding travelers from California to Florida. What begins as a spur-of-the-moment decision becomes an unlikely, unexpected, and sometimes reluctant exercise in female bonding, as these five exceptional women—each at a crossroads—swap stories, share secrets, and seek answers to the questions they’ve been asking about life, love, and the path to true happiness. A storm may have grounded them for the moment, but after this wild adventure in which anything can and does happen, they’ll never have to fly solo again.

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