Sunday Salon – Baby Watch – Weekly Recap – E-Book Overload

The Sunday

 The Sunday Salon used to be a meme but was getting so huge it became unmanageable, so it is now a Facebook group that has become an informal week in review
gathering place for bloggers.

It is also a place to share our thoughts about things of a bookish nature.

So Happy Sunday Everyone!

Right now our family is on Baby Watch. My son and daughter-in-law’s baby is due to arrive any day. Everyone is so excited. The due date was yesterday, but you know babies arrive in their own time. I will keep you posted.

Weekly Recap

I reviewed The Darling Dahlias and The Cucumber Tree.
It was my April Just For Fun Book.

Leann Sweeney dropped by for Cozy Wednesday.
The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon: A Cats in Trouble Mystery
is the fourth in the series and you can still enter to win a copy.

I also hosted a Virtual Book Tour for Mark Gilleo’s Love Thy Neighbor.
Another wonderful debut.

The Long Stitch Good Night is the latest Embroidery Mystery by Amanda Lee and it’s another must read. You can check out my review here.

I also wrapped up some giveaways and am
participating in 2 Blog Hop Giveaways Right Now.
Just Click the images in the sidebar if you would like to enter.
You can click on the Current Giveaways tab above to find my personal giveaways.

The UPS truck did not bring any deliveries but
I did receive a couple of e-books that sound really good.

Can you overfeed your reader?

A few months back I never thought I would want an electronic reader. I like the feel of a book in my hands, that new book smell, turning the pages, a pretty bookmark to mark my spot. Then a good friend sent me Kindle. She neglected to tell me how addicting these readers are. She didn’t warn me about all those free books out there available with just a click. I started with a few from NetGalley and then I signed up to receive emails from Pixel of Ink and Ereader News Today.

When you get hardcovers and paperbacks and put them on your To-Be-Read shelf you get to see them everyday. You know they are waiting patiently for you to pick them up and enjoy them. The biggest problem with an e-reader is that To-Be-Read shelf is hidden. You only see it when you turn the e-reader on and then scroll through the listing of titles. This hidden TBR shelf can grow and grow, you keep downloading books, feeding your reader more books than you can possibly read in any foreseeable time frame.

Last week I admitted I am a Book Addict and proud of it. Then I realized my addiction is worst than I thought. I think I am becoming an e-book hoarder. As long as I am the only one who sees my hidden To-Be-Read shelf I can pack away as many books as the reader will hold. I am going to try to stay away from the free book offers I really am, but some are just too good to pass by. Oh dear, I may need a support group for this. Is there anyone out there like me? How many books are waiting for you on your e-reader? I have 131 waiting for me and thankfully only a handful are for review. This is a habit I can change, oh but those covers look so inviting. I will stop, soon or maybe later. Maybe my e-reader needs to go on a diet. I wonder if there is a Biggest Loser plan I can follow 🙂

Until then I have a free book offer to share with you so you can feed your reader too. Last month I took part in the Virtual Blog Tour for Brian Holers book, Doxology. I received an email last week asking me to spread the word that this book would be offered free on April 26 & 27 at It is already free if you are a Prime Member.  Here’s The Link.

Happy Earth Day!!

I hope you all have an awesome week.

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Baby Watch – Weekly Recap – E-Book Overload

  1. Happy Sunday!! Must be so exciting at your house, bet you jump every time the phone rings.
    I have many, but not as much as you, books stored in my EReaders. And I know what you mean about the hidden books. I catalog my books as I receive them on a spreadsheet, this way I know where they are, what they are (requests or personal), coding system for dates received and dates read, and who the contact person is if it’s a request. So when I see my ss and all the tbrs, I tend to keep it under control for books that I REALLY REALLY want to read. But I also have the problem saying NO to another book. Have a great week. Keep us posted on baby watch!!

  2. I’m an ebook hoarder too, and have many more than I’ll ever read, I think. Not as long as there are paper books around! Happy Earth Day!

  3. Another e-book hoarder here. I used to have four newletters with free and bargain e-book. I got rid of the bargain ones because it was cutting into my gift card balance. I am only readin one e-book a month but in 1 1/2 years time, I have accumulated 1761!!!!

    Those are on my desktop Kindle. I have 80 of those on my regular Kindle. I have been reading from the regular one and when I have decided I don’t want any more from that batch, I will delete all of the 80.
    There are very few free cozies, that’s probably good for me because I would clicking on all of them!

    I have all my paper books on a spreadsheet with title, author, when received and I take them off when read. I don’t think I have to energy to do the same for all the free e-books so I just add them when I read them. At least I am getting more selective as time goes on. Maybe it is already time to go through the ones on my desktop and thin them out. I am ready to join your support group. There are just too many free e-books in this world to read all of the ones that i like!!

  4. O.K. Carol, you win!! I thought at the end of the years those I read I would transfer to my external hard drive in case I want to read them again.

    I have been keeping all my review books in a spreadsheet so I schedule them to be read. I decided this past week to download my book list from Amazon into a separate page of my Book List and was amazed at how many books that were there. Now when I CLICK and get a free book I manually add it to the list with notes like which state it takes place in or if it will help on one of my many challenges.

    I have learned the way to be a good blogger/reader/reviewer is organization. Everyday my organization gets a little bit better. The next thing is to spend more time reading and less time at the computer which I am working on too.

  5. Hi. I enjoy my Kindle a lot too. But I’m quite new to it and I didn’t know about the sites you mention that give away “free” e-books. Can you really get good books? cheers.

  6. Hi Susan,
    I google with the phrase “free kindle e-books” and got loads of hits. When you click on the book in their lists it goes directly to the Amazon site. Then you can see how many stars and read the reviews, if still interested, I download the book.

    Hi Dolly,
    I am so glad that I started that spreadsheet for the books that I have long ago. That makes it so easy for the “Just For Fun Challenge.”

    On the e-books, I don’t plan on reading any of them twice. When I find one that I love, I go back and see if the author has written more. So now I have a new project!!! Go back to my downloaded e-books and delete all that I am not sure about. Then maybe I can come up with a challenge organized spreadsheet. I loved hearing about your spreadsheet and am adopting your challenge idea. When I was working, I was extremely organized and it really paid off in bonuses. I have been working on getting more reading time and less computer time too. I have been gradually hoing the e-mail blogs for my favorite topics like cozies and historical fiction. That is helping.

    Currently, I am doing five challenges and that is enough for me!

    Loved chatting!!!

    1. Carol,
      I love chatting too! I am also taking a break from Monday Music Meme. I loved it but my Monday are so packed I was not giving it the time it deserved. Less computer time is my goal. I am almost done with a couple of challenges but they are for cozies so I am going to keep adding to the progress bars and see how many I go over. Helps me plan for next year.

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