Review: The Naked Gardener by L.B. Gschwandtner

The Naked Gardener

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“What you feel is your own to tend. No one can share it. No one can endure it for you. No one can inhabit your world but you.”

Katelyn loves Maze, he loves her, there is no denying that. Maze wants to get married but Katelyn has had her heart broken before and likes things just the way they are. They have recently brought a farm in Vermont and spend time there each summer.

Katelyn has made a friend and a few acquaintances. They meet up one day and decide to take a trip. A canoe trip down the local river. Six women, three canoes and they are going to take a break from their lives for three days and camp out, catch fish and get to know each other better. Maze is not behind this plan at all but there is not stopping Katelyn.

The river and the trip takes a wild turn and some great friendships bloom including one very unlikely one.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
This was one of the first free books I had on my Kindle and I am kicking myself for waiting so long to read it. The story was like a breathe of fresh air as I sit watching my own flowers bloom.

I had heard nothing about this story and didn’t read any reviews or even much of the synopsis before ordering it. With a title The Naked Gardener I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but I can honestly say I will never look at a garden the same way again.

Katelyn’s journey in the story as well as all six women’s journey down the river was a delight to read and offered much insight to my own journey through this world. “We have only a small corner where we can make a difference and a short time to try. But if we start in one small place, no one can predict how much difference that little corner might make.”

This is the author’s first novel and it is so beautifully written. Her descriptions of the garden and the river almost transport you right there. This book is about friendship, love, being a strong woman and making our own choices, so much more than gardening naked.

This is a very fast read and I give it my highest recommendation. Make it a book group choice or read it with a group of your friends, it would make a great read for a girl’s weekend. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m told it’s bad form for writers to acknowledge reviews but … oh well … when a reviewer/blogger takes the time to write such a thoughtful and uplifting review of my book, as you have done, I just have to say a great big Thank You!

    It means so much to me as a writer to feel a reader has not only “gotten” where I was aiming, but to have brought my book alive through the reader’s interpretation.

    Readers make books live. So again, my thanks to you.


  2. I got this book somewhere and didn’t read anything about it. I just thought the title was funny. I’m glad you like it. I will be more inclined to read it.

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