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Fay Famaghetti leaves behind working at her family’s restaurant and enters the world of finance. She becomes a mortgage broker but without her own license she ends up working to put money in her boss’s pocket. As soon as she is able she strikes out on her own and becomes a sensation. She is making more money than she ever dreamed and reinvents herself.

Then the bubble bursts! She is in over her head and sinking fast! Her greed has pushed her beyond the point of return. Just how far will she fall and who will she drag along with her?

Dollycas’s Thoughts
This story is set in the time before current housing crisis when brokers were flipping houses like crazy. Buying cheap, making a few repairs and selling for a huge profit. Mortgages being written illegally, falsifying documents, people being paid off, all in the name of greed. It culminates with the crash that started to topple the sub-prime lenders.

The story was good and very real, too real. Unfortunately there was not character in the entire book the least bit likable with the exception of a sweet woman, Mrs. Goodfellow, who was duped by Fay and taken advantage of my her own family. Even Fay’s hardworking Italian family started to rub me the wrong way. She has a strong connection with her father, but her parents hold strong Old World ways, a wife needs to stay home, take care of the family, supper on the table at 5, the husband is always right, etc. Sometimes it got a little much.

This could definitely be called Chick-Lit as Fay is one tough woman who lets nothing stand in her way. The are some oddly placed steamy scenes that really could have been omitted.

This was an interesting read as I think it portrays the way some companies actually operate and sadly got away with and maybe it’s good not like the characters. I read it all the way through with ease while thinking I can only hope these people get what’s coming to them. Did they? You will have to read it for yourself. This book does have me shouting from the rooftops but it is a solid “good read”.

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