May 302012

Send pictures of yourself “Caught Reading” and you could win a $10 Gift Card!

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Contest Ends May 31, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. CST

  2 Responses to “Last Chance Get Caught Reading Contest”

  1. I love the title, Wicked Eddies. My father’s favorite hobby and only hobby was fishing. He was a born fisherman. I never thought of fishing as a dangerous sport. Would love to read Wicked Eddies.

  2. Hi Beth!!

    My Dad used to own and run Kent’s Lodge on Brule Lake in Plevna, Ont Canada. My most enjoyable activites were swimming,(riding the work horses to bring in Ice for the summer) fishing,(riding the work water skiing (riding the work horses) and Ice Fishing!! My little Brother almost drowned once when he slipped through the ice hole..

    Can’t wait to read your Mandy book ..and I too love the title!! And yes fishing is & can be dangerous!!

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