Summer Reads Giveaway Hop!!

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Are You Ready For Some Summer Escapes?

Summer Escape #1

Nose for Trouble

Dale Kinsall, DVM, is trying to leave his past in Ohio behind as he and his beagle pup, Sully, make the big move to Arizona. The fire in Ohio has left him with horrible memories and damage to his lungs. He is hoping the dry desert air remedies both.

When he arrives at his new clinic he meets his very unique staff and some fairly odd clients. Everyone’s tongues are wagging about a murder. Dale finds himself right in the middle of the investigation as Sully leads him right to a second victim on their very first walk around the area.

It soon becomes clear that Dale, the clinic, and his new friends are being targeted. Dale feels he must have done something to someone but it’s hard to solve a mystery when you aren’t really sure what the mystery even is. Everyone around him soon learns that just like Sully, Dale too has a Nose For Trouble.

I loved this book! You can check out my full review here.

Summer Escape #2

This one should cool you off a bit!

John A. Flanagan is an Australian Author.

Avalanche Pass (A Jesse Parker Mystery)

Former Detective, Jesse Parker was injured in a ski accident and while his physical injuries have healed the emotional ones have not. He is afraid to ski on the difficult slopes where he was injured. He decides to head to Utah to a wonderful ski lodge to try to work through his issues without the pressure of all his friends standing by.

Jesse heads to the slopes one last time before he heads home. Unable to overcome his fears he returns to the lodge to find it has been turned into a war zone, complete with guns on the roof. The guests and staff have been taken hostage by about 20 heavily armed men.

Meanwhile the FBI determines one of the guests of the lodge is a United States Senator. They also find the ransom amount odd and they start to think there is more to the story than just wanting money. They also learn that they have a man that can help them on the inside, an ex-cop and part-time Sheriff’s Deputy. Jesse had checked out of the hotel before he went skiing so as long as he’s careful he may be able to help free the hostages and stay in contact with the FBI and stop the cold blooded captors in their tracks.

You can read my full review here.

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  1. Dolly~ you sure pick wonderful books to give away. Many of these and those reviewed are on my TBR list.. I am thankful I discovered your Blog!

  2. Thank you so much for participating in this fun hop. You always find the best cozies – I get excited when Wednesdays roll around knowing there is more than likely going to be a new treat of a read to find out about. Your efforts are appreciated 🙂

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