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Escape #1

We return to Stoneham, New Hampshire just when a man from Tricia’s past also arrives in town. Tricia, owner of the Haven’t Got A Clue Mystery Shop and her sister Angelica have received a free night at the town’s new Bed & Breakfast, Sheer Comfort. They join some other members of the Chamber of Commerce so the hosts can have a trial run before they open to the public. Pippa and Jon Comfort are new in town but it seems they already know some of Stoneham’s prominent residents.

Of course Angelica couldn’t leave her dog at home even though the inn has a strict no pets policy. As usual she cons Tricia into sneaking him outside for a comfort walk. That’s when what should have been a relaxing overnight stay turns into nightmare. Sarge sniffs out a dead body in the backyard. Tricia has too much experience in this kind of discovery so it takes her only seconds to realize that Pippa has been murdered. If that isn’t enough, Tricia meets Pippa’s husband Jon and discovers he is actually Harry Tyler, a man Tricia loved and thought was dead for the past twenty years.

Harry needs to answer a lot of questions for Tricia but he has become the prime suspect in his wife’s murder. Tricia may not have seen this man for 20 years but she knows he wouldn’t murder his wife. There is much more to Pippa’s story and Tricia can’t help herself, she just needs to follow the clues and catch the real culprit.

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Escape #2

Sugar Land, Texas is a beautiful master-planned community where famous athletes rub shoulders with ranchers.

It is home to Walker “Bear” Wells, minister and a former college football player. Bear has dealt with a lot over the years with his congregation and his own family but when a man is found murdered on a local golf course he finds himself somewhere her never dreamed he would be, right in the middle of all the drama. Every time he turns around, another facet of the investigation tangles with his own life. Case in point, Bear’s rebellious daughter is currently dating the murdered man’s son.

It make take more than a prayer to catch this killer.

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  1. Thank you for your fun participation! I want to read both LOL as they both look awesome, but I really am looking forward to Murder on the Half Shelf!

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