Sunday Salon – Sick Kitty – Weekly Recap – Mail Call

The Sunday

 The Sunday Salon used to be a meme but was getting so huge it became unmanageable, so it is now a Facebook group that has become an informal week in review
gathering place for bloggers.

It is also a place to share our thoughts about things of a bookish nature.

So Happy Sunday Everyone!

My Regal Assistant

My writing assistant is not by my side today. Sherlock got outside during that terrible heat wave and must have picked up some kind of bug. He wasn’t eating very much and by Thursday he was not eating anything  or drinking much at all. He is a smaller skinny cat to begin with but when he got to the vet on Friday he had lost 1.3 pounds since his visit there in June. They are keeping him hospitalized through the weekend to continue to give him fluids and force him to eat. Morrie and Watson are trying to help out in his absence but frankly they just want to sit on the keyboard and have their bellies rubbed.

By the way we did get a little rain last week but still need much more 🙂

Now Let’s Talk Books! Here’s A Recap Of My Week:

Monday’s Music Moves Me is celebrating it’s 99th week tomorrow with a huge party planned for Week 100! Last week’s theme was “Gone but not Forgotten”.

As always Mondays include It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? This is the first time in a long time I had a book I COULD NOT FINISH. I’ll share which one in tomorrow’s post.

Tuesday I reviewed Land of a Hundred Wonders by Lesley Kagen. I absolutely love the way she writes and brings characters to life.

Cozy Wednesday brought Liz Lipperman for a visit. Her new book Beef Stolen-Off (A Clueless Cook Mystery) is a must read for every cozy lover. There is still time to enter the giveaway. There are 2 copies!!

Thursday Helga Zeiner was my guest. She is touring with the Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours for her book Section 132 Imprisoned In A Polygamous Sect This is a fabulous read and I recommend it highly! I am giving away 1 e-book copy. You can find out about future tour stops here.

Friday I reviewed Gone: A Novel by Cathy Hanauer. I was a bit conflicted about this one. I think it would be a good book for a book club. It could provoke quite the discussion.

Saturday I reviewed the latest installment of one of my favorite series. How to Dine on Killer Wine: A Party-Planning Mystery by Penny Warner. That Presley Parker takes us to the most interesting places.

There are also two Blog Hop Giveaways still happening. The No Strings Attached Giveaway Hop ends tonight. The Vacation Read Giveaway Hop goes through Wednesday.


New Arrivals

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Sick Kitty – Weekly Recap – Mail Call

  1. I hope your cats going to be ok poor baby,hopefully the vet will be able to find out whats wrong with him.

  2. I spent a lot of time at the Vet’s on Friday as I was early for our new kitten’s first appointment. As I guessed Reese was just 8 weeks old. She weighed 2 oz less than 2 pounds and she was leukemia free (Yeh!) – so she got her first shot and 1/2 a deworming pill and an appointment for 2nd shot in a month. She probably will have to wait until she weighs more before rabies shot. Reese, Skittles, Snickers and I hope your cat gets better.

    1. we should set up a long distance play date, lol are animals are so precious to us, it is so hard when we don’t know what is wrong.

  3. I hope Sherlock is doing better and will soon be home with you. I hate it when our kitties are sick.

  4. I am sorry your kitty is not feeling well. Wishing for a speedy recovery. I just love kitties. They are so sweet.

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