Monday’s Music Moves Me!


This is a fun meme conducted by Xmas Dolly, co-conductors Stacy from Stacy Uncorked, Lorie from The Shewbridges of Celebration, and Callie at Jamerican Spice. This meme is so much fun and so easy!!! Just go to one of the links above for the details and enjoy the music.


It’s A Freebie Week!!

The Best Way To Start Out A MONDAY! Is With Music!!!
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5 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me!

  1. Hiya! I’m a day late in dancing with you, but I have a good excuse…really! My computer’s hard drive failed. Yep, the ultimate death of your computer system! This means, I’ve gotta get my data off the drive if all possible. YIKES, right? Oh, I’m sooooo screwed on this one! Anywho, I’m here today making my rounds. Whistle is the only freebie pick I didn’t know and am glad you introduced it to me. Really catchy melody! Thanks for linking up with us on MMMM. It’s always so much fun to boogie with you! 🙂 Come by my place when you get a chance to dance to my tunes!

  2. Love your song choices. I grew up listening to Bryan Adams and I love his music. I remember playing Cuts Like a Knife on cassette so much that it wore out. 🙁

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