Iced Chiffon Giveaway – Week 8


Sabrina was the Week #7 Winner. She has been notified via email.

Iced Chiffon (A Consignment Shop Mystery)

My Advance Copy has arrived and I can’t wait to read it!

Have you pre-ordered your copy or do you wait to buy it at a local store?

Duffy Brown is scheduled to be here for Cozy Wednesday October 3.
Her new book/series debuts on October 2, 2012.

There will be a new giveaway starting each Wednesday at 8 a.m. CST.
Giveaways Will End Tuesdays at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Week 10 will include my gently read review copy
and additional copy from Penguin for a total of 3 Winners!!


Week 8 will be for a book and t-shirt!

This week to enter leave a comment telling us about your book buying habits. 

Do you pre-order? Shop a local store? Wait your turn at the library?

Leave a comment below about where you usually get the books you read.

I will use to pick 1 winner from the comments!

The Winner will be notified by email next Wednesday morning!
If you were not lucky enough to win,
there will be a new contest posted next Wednesday as well!


36 thoughts on “Iced Chiffon Giveaway – Week 8

  1. I’m an amazon girl. Sometimes I preorder but usually wait for the Kindle version! However, if Kindle Version is almost as much as the tangible I’ll buy the tangible version.

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    tobihelton at gmail dot com

  2. I get most of my books thru PaperbackSwap now 🙂 I also like shopping used bookstores, especially the FOL Bookstore in our library, or going to book sales. Our library is excellent & occasionally I reserve books. I don’t usually pay full price for books, because I’m a bibliophile & have plenty of books on my shelves to read & swap 🙂

  3. Well, since becoming a book blogger, I have to admit that my book buying habits have changed. I don’t get to buy too many books any more, but when I do, I check out the books that are recommended in the blogger world and order on Amazon or

  4. I pre-order once in a while. I usually buy from Amazon because the prices are better but, sometimes if I just can’t wait to read a new book, I’ll go buy it at Barnes & Noble. I really miss Borders! That was my favorite book store.

  5. Believe it or not, I will get an entire series at a time (and will pre-order any new ones in the series). I am one of those crazy types that has to read the entire series in one sitting and in order. I usually order from Barnes & Noble and have it shipped to my house (since I live 1.5 hours from the nearest one). I have quite an extensive library at home. If I really enjoy a series, I’ll save them and go back and reread them. I do, however, often times give complete series away for gifts at Christmas and Birthdays.

  6. I get a lot of my books through GR giveaways and free on Amazon. I also go to the library because I love to feel the books in my hands. If there is a best seller I want to buy for my collection, I either go to the bookstore, or most likely buy on Amazon – so easy and convenient.

  7. Depends on the author. Some ebooks I buy from Amazon right when they come out. Some books that I collect, I pre-order. Some I wait for them to arrive at the library. Some books, I wait till they are available on audio. There are no book stores near by, which could be a good thing for my pocketbook but sad since they are so inviting and peaceful.

  8. I get my books through a variety of different places. If I am buying books, I start with Amazon, Hastings or Better World Books. Sometimes I wait my turn at the library or I shop at library book sales and garage sales.

  9. Generally, when I buy books, I purchase them through a local book store. I will also wait for books at the library if there are older ones I want to read, and are more difficult to get a hold of 🙂

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! 🙂

  10. I usually buy off of Amazon,, Half Price Books or go to the local bookstore and browse.

  11. It depends on the book. For Iced Chiffon, I asked From My Shelf Books in Wellsboro, PA to order it for me. If I read a blog about a new book by an author with previous works – I try my bookstore first for new book and any old ones they can find. For A-Z challenge I asked at bookstore and found some used at Amazon. I do tend to look for low-cost or free e-books on-line for my computer.

  12. I like to buy some books every month, because I think it’s important to support our authors and publishers in that way! (pre-order occasionally, but usually the date sneaks up before I know it!). That said, I also use the local library quite a bit too. There’s some books I don’t share with other friends, that just I want to read and it keeps up our circulation numbers at our small branch.

  13. I buy books any way I can get them, thru Amazon (it’s cheaper quite often), at the book store (my favorite pastime is browsing), at a discount store (interesting selections), the library’s little store (I volunteer), and checking them out at the library (cheapest).

  14. I win a lot of my books in giveaways, buy more at Amazon and shop at library bookstores for the rest.

  15. I’m an amazon and Walmart girl for my book buying habits. But I have also ran across some great reads at yard sales, estate sales ans sales at the public library.

    Thank you,

    Ollie Moss

  16. I have SO many books. I started out buying them at yard sales and discount book stores.
    Now I win alot of them online, and my friends who read, we switch books when we are done reading them too. If I cant find what I want I am a library lover also so I find them there. I also tell anyone who’s getting rid of any books that I will take them.

  17. I will pre-order books or buy used on Amazon.I like to enter on-line giveaways to win copies. I also use my Public Library however, their book budget has been slashed. The City has agreed to building a new building. How small is it,you ask, well, they cannot put all the book collection on the shelves and no teen section at all.I shared some Iced Chiffon goodies with her and she has to wait months to order.
    I share my books and do my best to promote reading!

  18. I mostly buy from a couple of small locally owned independent bookstores. For e-books, I do Amazon, B&N, AllRomance, Smashreads and etc…I also will go used. If I have discovered a new to me author who has a lot of books out, I tend to resort to building my collection from used books, especially for the older and out of print ones.

  19. I am a book addict! I pre-order, I buy from on-line book stores, I buy from our local book store, I buy from Wal-mart, I frequent the on-line library where I can put books on hold. I buy at garage sales, flea markets…well you get the drift. I have books everywhere in my home! My husband just shakes his head. I can’t help it…I LOVE books!

  20. I usually will get books at the library, I get on the waiting list long before books come out. I also get a lot of books from paperbackswap, which allows you to trade books I go to half price books and book sales.

  21. I am a book-aholic. I get my books pre-order on,,, and Target. I have made my checking account go negative for books. I love to read.

  22. I have been using my local library. My book budget just went over the top of the hill. My husb. brought me to a screeching halt. We can’t afford….You can follow the rest of that statement. I would love to win this cozy. Thanks for entering me.

  23. I get most of them through giveaways. I have signed up for a e-mail newsletter that shows all the free Kindle books. I used to go to my local library but I have read all their cozies!! I do surveys to get points which I turn into Amazon gift cards. If I do buy them, they are from

  24. I am pretty equal – I buy some, trade some, get some from the library, then buy some for my kindle. I keep a running list of books that I read good reviews on and try to get them some way.

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