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Escape #1

Eden Harrison has been waiting for heart transplant so that she can get on with her life and marry Derek. When a donor is found and the transplant is completed something strange starts to happen. Eden starts having nightmares about people, places and events that were never part of her life. She likes different food and pink is no longer her favorite color. She is convinced her new heart carries the memories of the original owner. She feels drawn away from Portland and to San Diego. She leaves everything behind including Derek to pursue the life her heart wants to lead.

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Escape #2

The “Pips” are a group of four young girls Olivia MacKenzie, Samantha Pearson, Jane Weston, and Collins Davenport, that bonded while locked in a hospital for an experimental program for a disease that so far no drug could conquer. Their veins were pumped with poison and had excruciating pain for days after each infusion.

The story then jumps twelve years into the future where the “Pips” are young women in remission. They have all moved on but are heavily weighed down by the isolation they had endured and the fear the disease will return.

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This one is an ARC so remember the rules. Share not Sell!

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