Saturday Surfin’ – Week 4

One of the things I have been trying to improve on is visiting more blogs each week.

Doing this has led me to some very interesting blog posts so I am going to use
Saturday Surfin” to bring some of these posts to your attention.

One of the blogs I stop at frequently is Michael Draper’s blog. He is a new author, his first book Splattered Blood was released in January.  He also reads books both my husband and I like to read so I always like to see what he has been reading  and reviewing. If you are looking for something different to read this blog is a great source.

This post is from yesterday. I love checking out libraries online. I was thrilled that The Brunette Librarian took us virtually to a very special one in Springfield, Missouri. Click Here to check out this amazing library.

Mystery Lover’s Kitchen is also one of my very favorite stops. The recipes are To Die For!! and the authors are so much fun! This recipe from Sheila Connolly for Apple Cream Cheese Tart sounds perfect for the fabulous fall weather. 

I have also been battling quite a cold the past couple of weeks so I have been searching for some throat soothing beverages. Here I found a tea, mulled wine and a toddy recipe that all sound good. While alcohol is not a recommended way to treat a cold sometimes the relaxing benefits a very helpful. Here the Mayo Clinic has some tips of how to deal with the illness that has no real cure.

That’s it for week 4 of Saturday Surfin’. If you see some posts you feel should be shared please leave the links in the comments section for people to visit. The weeks are too short to travel to all the wonderful blogs in the blogosphere but together we can help find and direct each other to at least a few.

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