Saturday Surfin’ – Week 7 – Donate – Vote – Yummy Recipe – Free Book

One of the things I have been trying to improve on is visiting more blogs each week.

Doing this has led me to some very interesting blog posts so I am going to use
Saturday Surfin” to bring some of these posts to your attention.

It was quite a week!
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that was in the path of Hurricane Sandy.
There are several ways to help. Donations of money, supplies and blood.
People are traveling miles and miles to help personally.
Make sure however you decide to help that you are working with trusted organizations.
Here is a link to The White House and their advice to help the survivors of Hurricane Sandy.

We are also in the midst of an election. Many people, me included, have voted early.
My blog is a politics free zone and I will not tell you who to vote for but I do hope you will all take the time to vote.
I did find this blog post Why I Vote over at The Children’s War. A few bloggers have organized an event for others to explain why they vote. I have found the posts quite interesting.

I saw this cake on Monday. I would have to leave the nuts off but I can’t wait to bake this.
Want the recipe?
Click here to go to DeDa Studios! I love this blog!

Anya Wylde’s book The Wicked Wager ( A Regency Murder Mystery & Romance )
is still  free for everyone until November 5

Check out last Saturday’s post for the book description and an excerpt!

That’s it for week 7 of Saturday Surfin’. If you see some posts you feel should be shared please leave the links in the comments section for people to visit. The weeks are too short to travel to all the wonderful blogs in the blogosphere but together we can help find and direct each other to at least a few.

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