Cozy Wednesday with Author Laura Childs (Giveaway too!)

Welcome to Cozy Wednesday!

Today’s guest blogger is Laura Childs, author of the New York Times bestselling Cackleberry Club Mysteries, Scrapbook Mysteries,and Tea Shop Mysteries. I am thrilled to have her stop by today!!

Happy Cozy Wednesday to you all!

And I hope you are staying cozy.  With monumental storms already wrecking havoc in the country and a busy holiday season looming, this is clearly the time to carve out a little time for yourself.  Yes, I understand that you’re busy with family, work, home, friends, financial issues, etc.  But you’re not going to be able to give any of that your clear and undivided attention until you take care of you first.  What do I suggest?  Well, some people do seem to thrive on chaos, but most folks are better able to refresh and renew when they indulge in a little alone time.  In other words, cuddle up in your favorite chair, read a good book or listen to some inspirational music, and be very, very kind to yourself.

This is something I frequently allow the characters in my books to do as well.  Yes, they honcho cafes and tea shops and scrapbook shops and solve major crimes.  Of course they lead busy lives and cross paths with hordes of unsavory crooks and criminals.  But I don’t allow them to just trip merrily along their way – I give them focused, purposeful lives and allow them their own downtime.

Theodosia, the heroine in my Tea Shop Mysteries, often treats herself to an evening repast that includes a cream scone, mini quiche, and cucumber sandwich.  She also indulges in wonderful Chinese and Indian teas because she knows that the very act of sipping tea inspires calm and relaxation.

Carmela, in my Scrapbooking Mysteries, grabs her gal pal Ava and enjoys all that New Orleans has to offer.  Of course, she also puts on jammies and snuggles with her two dogs in her French Quarter apartment.

And Suzanne in Stake & Eggs, my brand new Cackleberry Club Mystery, retreats to her kitchen and whips up delicacies such as lemon cornbread, cheggnog, and red velvet chocolate chip pancakes.

When I wrote Stake & Eggs,I tried to capture a kind of magical, innocent, small town feeling, complete with a raft of small-town characters that make you yearn for simpler times.  At the top of the list are Suzanne, Toni, and Petra, the wise-cracking (and egg cracking) entrepreneurial ladies of the Cackleberry Club café.  Mornings they whip up Egg Strata and Slumbering Volcanoes, then work a double shift as amateur sleuths.  Because in this fourth book of the series, a snowstorm rolls through the Midwest, flash-freezing everything like a package of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks.  Tucked inside the cozy Cackleberry Club café, Suzanne and her two partners hear the crash of a snowmobile and nervously investigate.  But a foray into the raging storm reveals a headless rider and a wire stretched between two stakes!  Suzanne and the irascible Sheriff Doogie investigate, turning up more than a few nasty suspects – even as the temperature drops and Suzanne’s romance with the local doctor heats up.

Spirituality abounds, too, along with tasty recipes for carrot quiche, egg sammys, and sausage breakfast casserole.  And for readers on the lookout for stocking stuffers this holiday season, there’s a $7.99 mass market price.

Now doesn’t that all sound relaxing and cozy?

~Laura Childs


About This Author 

Laura Childs is the author of the Cackleberry Club Mysteries Tea Shop Mysteries, and Scrapbooking Mysteries.  Her books have been named to the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists and been featured selections of the Mystery Guild’s Mystery Book Club.

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Be sure to read my review of Stake & Eggs (A Cackleberry Club Mystery) in the post below this one.

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40 thoughts on “Cozy Wednesday with Author Laura Childs (Giveaway too!)

  1. I enjoy all three series, but Suzanne and the gang are my favorites. Since I live in Minnesta, I especially enjoy reading a home-state author.

  2. Laura, I love all three of your series. Each one connects with my interests in a special way. Whenever I sit down with Theo, Carmela or the Cackleberry ladies, I know I’m in for a relaxing and special treat.

    Beverly aka Booklady

  3. Hi Laura,
    I just wanted to let you know how much my partner and I love all your books. I’m not entering here because Dru Ann gave me a copy as a gift last night.. You keep writing them, and all of your fans will keep buying them. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.


  4. Laura Childs is one of my favorite authors. I love all of her series. Would love a copy of Stake and Eggs. Thanks for having the contest.

  5. Hi Laura! You are a new author to me and I am looking forward to reading your books! I would like to win a copy of your book Stake and Eggs.

  6. I am eager to begin this series, no matter what book number it is. I subscribe to your blog, Lori, via e-mail; I follow you on Facebook and Goodreads. I’m at chezraine(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. I love your books. Your reference to Mrs Paul’s makes me wish I had some in the house. I’ll have to buy some when I shop again. Since I have Stake and Eggs, I am not entering.this goveaway.

  8. Laura I love the Cackleberry Club mysteries. I especially love the friendship between the ladies and the Cackleberry Cafe itself…I’ve always wanted to own a book shop or a yarn store and my hubby wants a cafe, so reading this series lets us fulfill our dream in a small way!

  9. This sounds like another wonderful addition to the Cackleberry Club mysteries- I’m looking forward to reading it!

  10. I love books about small towns because they usually have great characters and charm! Stake and Eggs seems like just that kind of book and sounds like it will be such fun to read! Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. Sounds like you have some fantastic books. One of my must read authors is cleo coyle with the coffee shop mysteries books. This sounds very similiar, which means I should love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Who can resist a good cozy with yummy recipes to top it off. This series sounds like a hoot and I am looking forward to diving in 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to share with us.

  13. Cackleberry Club…the name cracks me up! Looking forward to trying out this new series. Thanks.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful series. Thankful that you mentioned there was a spiritual component to it as well. I’m just branching out into cozy mysteries and want to make sure I don’t start anything with offensive language or love scenes. Blessings, Susan Fryman

  15. I love cozies.

    I like the tea shop series and this Cackleberry series. My favorite teas are black and oolong teas. I like cinnamon tea best.

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