Review: Red Hot Deadly Peppers by Paige Shelton

Red Hot Deadly Peppers
A Farmer’s Market Mystery
Book 3.5 (E-Book)
Cozy Mystery
Berkley (September 4, 2012)
Print Length: 92 pages
File Size: 352 KB

Red Hot Deadly Peppers (A Farmers' Market Mystery, #3.5)Becca is in Arizona, spending some time at Chief Buffalo’s Trading Post and its neighboring farmers’ market to check out how the two operate together. She’s paired with Nera, a Native American woman who sells the most delicious pecans—right next to a booth with the hottest peppers money can buy.

When Nera asks her to deliver some beads to Graham, a talented jewelry maker inside Chief Buffalo’s, Becca is grateful to get a break from the heat. Little does she realize that the heat’s about to get cranked up even more—because Graham has been murdered, and she’s the one who finds his body. She soon discovers that Graham was Nera’s cousin, and that her uncle was recently killed too, after receiving a threatening note. Becca begins to think the murders may have something to do with the family’s hot pepper business. Now she must find the killer, before she’s the one in the hot seat…

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Like the “Between the Numbers” books of Janet Evanovich, Paige Shelton dishes up a bonus mini episode of her Farmer’s Market Mysteries.

It seems wherever Becca goes trouble follows, but the murder is quickly solved and Becca heads home where she belongs. Interesting new characters into a new place. Learned a bit about peppers too!

This is a fun short story while we waited for the release of A Killer Maize that is available today. You can check out my review of A Killer Maize tomorrow when Paige Shelton stops by for Cozy Wednesday.

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*This book was from my private collection.

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