Review: THE SHEPHERD by Ethan Cross

This review appeared over at my old blog Dollycas’s Thoughts on May 18, 2011.
I gave it 5 stars!

The Shepherd

Publisher: Story Plant, The; Reprint edition (October 16, 2012)

Paperback: 328 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1611880557


Marcus Williams is a retired New York City Homicide Detective that has left New York to move to a farmhouse in Texas that was willed to him by his aunt.  He made a choice to save others and due to that choice it was definitely time for a change.  Small town life has a great appeal.
At the same time Francis Ackerman, Jr. makes a different choice.  He chooses to inflict pain and suffering to as many people as possible and happens to arrive in Texas at exactly the same time as Marcus.
They both become very unwilling pawns in a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of our government.  Marcus becomes involved in a “game” with a psychopathic serial killer and a vigilante group with unlimited resources.  He must wrestle his own demons all the while trying to stop one of the most ruthless killers in the world while trying to figure out and expose a huge political conspiracy.
Hold on tight, this book is going to shake you to the core!!!
A Spellbinding, Enthralling, Mind-Bending, Riveting Thriller!!!! Look out James Patterson, Ethan Cross is giving you some fantastic competition.  This is an excellent book but it will definitely give you nightmares and it will be a book you will be telling everyone about for a long time to come.  The best thriller I have read this year!!!
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