Just For Fun 2012 – My Wrap Up Post

just for fun 2012

12 Books JUST FOR FUN in 12 Months 

I cleared these books from my To-Be-Read Bookshelf

1. The Aloha Quilt – Jennifer Chiavernini

2. Wild Goose Chase  – Terri Thayer

3. Old Maid’s Puzzle – Terri Thayer

4. The Darling Dahlias and The Cucumber Tree by Susan Wittig Albert

5. Blackberry Summer by RaeAnne Thayne

6. Funeral Food by Kathleen Taylor

7. Swapping Paint by Joyce and Jim Lavene

8. Calamity Jane by Kathleen Bacus

9. Betting on Hope by Kay Keppler

10. Then Came The Evening – Brian Hart

11. In The Land of Second Chances by George Shaffner

12. The Alpine Uproar by Mary Daheim

Challenge Complete December 17, 2012

This challenge is super easy. Just read 1 book a month for fun!
No book that you have to review. A book that has been screaming at you from your shelf. A e-book you just had to have but never are able to squeeze it in to your busy schedule. The series you tarted but just haven’t finished.


just for fun 2013


I host this challenge over at GoodReads to make it easy for both bloggers and non bloggers. Sign-ups for Just For Fun 2013 are open until January 31, 2013. Then the group closes to new members. You can find all the details here or here.

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