Saturday Surfin’ – Week 15 – Cheeky Reads – Karen E. Olson – Enlightenment

One of the things I have been trying to improve on is visiting more blogs each week.

Doing this has led me to some very interesting blog posts so I am going to use

Saturday Surfin” to bring some of these posts to your attention.

The Badgers lost, the Packers lost. Not a good sports week in Wisconsin. My new grandson has been hospitalized all week for a viral infection. We are all hoping he will be released tomorrow. His older brother Kaden spent a few days here and playing with him cut into my reading time a bit but I would want it any other way. He is growing too fast.

Now Let’s Go Surfin’

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I want to welcome Cheeky Reads back to the blogosphere. She took a bit of a break from blogging. I am so happy she is back. Her genre is Romance and as soon as I saw her rating system way back when I knew it was a blog I had to follow. Click on the button above and check it out for yourself.

I loved the Tattoo Mysteries by Karen E. Olson. The author took to her blog this week to share her feelings about her series that have ended and her thoughts on self-publishing. She is looking forward to a different direction in 2013. Check out her post here. I wish her the best of everything. She is an awesome author.

Shelf Awareness – Enlightenment Delivered To Your Inbox

If you aren’t a blogger or in the book trades you may not of heard of Shelf Awareness. It is an awesome sight for Readers and Bloggers.

Shelf Awareness is a free e-newsletter about books and the book industry. There are two separate versions:

For Readers: Discover the 25 best books coming out this week as selected by our industry insiders. (Tuesdays and Fridays.)


For Book Trade Professionals: Receive daily enlightenment with our FREE weekday trade newsletter. 

You can sign up for one or both newsletters. Click here for sign up information.

That’s it for week 15 of Saturday Surfin’. If you see some posts you feel should be shared please leave the links in the comments section for people to visit. The weeks are too short to travel to all the wonderful blogs in the blogosphere but together we can help find and direct each other to at least a few.

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