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Inspirations are Everywhere…

LOJPublicityPhotoWriters get their inspirations in all sorts of ways, but this is the first time I think I ever got one of mine because of driving frequently by a certain spot in my neighborhood.

I live in the Hollywood Hills. I love animals, especially dogs, and have a great deal of fun writing my Pet Rescue Mystery series.

One day a while ago, as I drove along Ventura Boulevard near my home, I spotted a new sign outside a building that might previously have been vacant. It indicated that the American Humane Association had moved in there. Since I drive past that area often, I kept seeing that sign… and it inspired the topic of my new Pet Rescue Mystery:Oodles of Poodles.

For, yes, I dropped in one day and began talking to people and learning what American Humane is about–a wonderful group.

Oodles of Poodles takes place in the film industry, very appropriate for a series centered around a no-kill pet shelter in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley. It’s sort of a story within a story, since it’s about a movie being filmed about rescued poodles, starring– you’ve got it!–rescued poodles!

oodles of poodlesMy protagonist Lauren Vancouver, who’s the chief administrator of the HotRescues shelter, gets involved because of those cherished and adorable poodles. She’s also involved because one of the film’s co-producers is Dante DeFrancisco, the generous benefactor of HotRescues. Lauren finds herself visiting the film sets often on his behalf–and also to observe how the dogs are being treated. Also present is a Certified Animal Safety Representative™ of the American Humane Association, which is the only group that can provide the coveted “No Animals Were Harmed”® designation–their registered trademark.

One night the director, who had been endangering the poodles during the filming, is run over by a car. Murdered. The chief suspect is Lauren’s good friend, veterinarian and TV personality Dr. Carlie Stellan. Of course Lauren has to find the real murderer and solve the crime to help Carlie… and the dogs.

Oodles of Poodles was a lot of fun to research. I got to communicate with people within American Humane and learn about their work with films and scripted TV shows that include animals.

It was fun to write, particularly since it involved lots of dogs in unique situations–as well as utilizing Lauren’s amateur sleuthing abilities.

And these days, when I attend a movie where animals are included in the cast, I always wait till the very end of the credits to look for that very treasured certification that “No Animals Were Harmed.”

Where do your inspirations come from? Are they everywhere around you?


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Here’s my review!

oodles of poodles

Oodles of Poodles
(A Pet Rescue Mystery)

4th in Series
Cozy Mystery
A Berkley Prime Crime Mystery
The Berkley Publishing Group (February 5, 2013)
Published by The Penguin Group
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0425259962
E-Book File Size: 594 KB
Cover Illustration by Jennifer Taylor/Paperdog Studios
Cover Design by Rita Frangie

Oodles of Poodles

Lauren is on hand to observe a movie that stars oodles of poodles, a movie about rescued poodles no less. Also on hand are Lauren’s friend, veterinarian Carlie Stellan and Grant, a handsome representative from the American Humane Association. They are all there to insure no animals are hurt or in danger during the movie production.

Unfortunately the movie’s director didn’t have anyone protecting him. He was killed in a very suspicious hit and run accident after arguing with several people about animal safety. Carlie was one of the more outspoken people speaking up for the animal and that lands her in the hot seat as a prime suspect. Lauren start to search through the oodles of clues to try to save her friend and catch a killer before someone else is put out of the picture.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I love this series because the author takes on real things that happen with animals and builds her intriguing mysteries around that issue. I have wondered for years about animals on television and movies and will now look for the “No Animals Harmed” tagline.

Lauren really does step in “it” in this installment, so much so that a few of the members of the production crew really don’t even want to be around her. She was clearly stumped by this mystery until the clues started to come together. I like that in a story – when the protagonist struggles with the evidence and suspects – and things don’t just magically fall into place. The struggles with Matt and Lauren’s relationship scare me a bit. Is their relationship strong enough to weather the ebbs and flows of the life that keep getting thrown at them?

Great Characters – Great Animals – Great Setting – Great Plot – Great Cozy Mystery!!!’

a perfect escape 5 STARFISH

Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent

Find out more about Linda O. Johnston, her books and Pet Rescue on her webpage here.

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44 thoughts on “Cozy Wednesday with Author Linda O. Johnston (Giveaway too!)

  1. I do get inspired by the things around me-places, objects, animals. They are everywhere around me…even when I don’t leave the house (thanks to imagination, books, TV, and internet)!

  2. Yes, you are right, inspirations are all around us. For example… going to the farmer’s market always inspires all kinds of recipes. Last time I was there I got some wonderful brisket (my roomie did not know what it was), heirloom tomatoes galore, cheese to die for, gorgeous Honeycrisp apples and cider, incredible beets… sigh.

  3. I’m inspired by the actions of others. “Why can’t I do something like that?” A good deed. Some excellent writing. Something as simple as making someone else’s day with a (earned, not empty)

  4. Yes, everything around me inspires me, including my own imagination. The hard part is getting the inspiration from my brain to the page. There just never seems to be enough time to sit down and let the inspiration flow.

  5. My kind of book ^..^ ! Inspiration is absolutely all around is – and often under my feet when I’m writng, on the bed or couch beside me when I read. Animals are major characters in my mysteries, too, and much of my inspiration comes from all the years I have spent in animal-centric environments — dog & horse shows, training groups, kennel clubs, rescue groups, shelters, and so on are brimming over with potential characters and scenarios! I’ve stolen a few from discussion groups, too. >^..^< I look forward to reading Oodles of Poodles.

  6. I am inspired by books and nature! How about a Pet Rescue story with Japanese Chins (I own three – 2 of which were rescues) – you could call it “Not by the hair of my chinny chinny chin.” Thanks.

  7. I am inspired by my 2 yr. old granddaughter & grandson. They have so much imagination & it’s wonderful seeing the world through their eyes. I love this series & your Pet-Sitter series. Keep them coming 🙂

    1. Oops, I didn’t read the fine print! lol

      My inspiration comes from the world and people around me, especially when the world and those people offer up issues that I can relate to….

  8. I am inspired by nature walks with my daughter and our dog. Something about being together and breathing the air in our town.

    Do you believe that some people are cat people and some are dog people?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. My inspiration comes from viewing all walks of life. I love to just stop suddenly and observe everything around me from the sky to my feet. So much to see!
    This book sounds really fun. Crossing my fingers and toes to win and read this book. Another new author to follow!

  10. I find inspiration in my daughter and my family first and foremost, but also in nature and the world around me in general.

  11. yays!! i can comment again!!

    waking up every morning is inspiring, no matter how often i wish i could hit that snooze button just one more time!!!!

    thank you for the giveaway!!!!

    congrats & good luck to Linda!!!

  12. Inspiration is where you look for it. Since we almost lost our mom six months ago due to an intestine infarcture, just waking up and having her around is an inspiration to us. She has made an almost 100% recovery (except for losing a big part of her large intestine) and is inspiring to the rest of us. i have 2 rescue dogs (if you can call them that when they showed up on our farm and stayed, though we found out a year later that one of them had come from a farm 7 miles down the road from us) Thanks for sharing, and for the chance to win

  13. I get inspired from everything around me- my family, my friends, my coworkers, my residents at work. You can find inspiration anywhere if you look for it.

  14. My inspirations also come from everything around me … family, colleagues, pets, current events, entertainment … and writers!

  15. Little things inspire me. The scent of lilacs on a warm spring breeze. Squirrels chasing each other around a tree. A kindness from a stranger. The little things are the best because they are all around you.

  16. I think people who care about animals are the greatest,.I am a dog owner and I love him too bits.

  17. I would have to say my inspirations come from my family, (especially my daughter), and all of nature. I am new to this series, but so glad that I found it! Thank you for your inspiration to write it! =)

  18. what doesn’t inspire me … nothing
    give ME any object and i could give you a story.
    kool wall papper

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