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Glow: A Novel by Jessica Maria Tuccelli has just come out in paperback!

I reviewed this book a year ago:
This story spans the years 1836 to 1941 following the female descendants of Solomon Bounds.

Amelia McGee, a young woman of Cherokee and Scotch-Irish descent, is an outspoken pamphleteer for the NAACP and when her home was vandalized in the middle of the night she decides to put her eleven year old daughter, Ella, alone on a bus home to Georgia from Washington, D.C. But when the local bus is out of commission Ella is left walking the last part of her journey. She is preyed on by two drifters and is left for dead on the side of the road with just her dog.

Ella is found by Willa Mae Cotton, a former slave and Mary-Mary Freeborn. They take her back to their cabin to nurse her back to health. While there she learns the secrets of her lineage, she is the youngest of Solomon Bounds kin.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
This is a poignant narrative of an important time in history.  In 2012 we are still talking about race, it is still a hot button issue even as we have the first president of mixed race.

The author takes us on a journey through Solomon Bounds family tree and each branch and leaf gets to tell us their part of the story. White, African-American, Native American, even mixed together, they all have their own voice in this family. Their words have a lyrical quality that makes the story real and engaging.

It is a story full of history and local customs of the Northeast Georgia. The settings of the mountains and forests surrounding the story are described lovingly, as is the weather endured, the heat, the winds, and the rain.

The theme throughout is love, a mother’s love for her child, the lengths we go to to maintain that relationship as well the other relationships in our lives, even relationships that society would deem forbidden. The women in this adventure are very strong and continue to grow throughout their story.

Again, I am amazed that this is a debut novel for this author. She is definitely an author to watch.

This is a beautifully composed novel spanning over 100 years, the readers will definitely see and feel the “Glow”.

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  1. I adore these type of book’s full of history & Truth, Your right Race has always been an issue Will always be an issue until the Heart & Soul becomes color blind, Shame really because people are missing out . Good luck everyone.

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