Special Thursday Edition of Cozy Wednesday with Author Sally Goldenbaum (Giveaway too!)

cozy wednesdayWelcome to a Special Edition of Cozy Wednesday!

I am always excited to have Sally drop by for a visit!

Many, many thanks to the wonderful Lori Caswell for inviting me to drop in again. Dolly’s cozy corner is a perfect place to take a break, to relax with friends like you…and to talk about books and life. Today my topic is:


Recently I watched an HGTV show featuring a couple looking for their dream home.


The husband—a writer—was having a horrible time because he could only write in a bathtub, he said, and none of the homes they toured had one he considered suitable. Lots of questions ‘surfaced’ in my head—is there water in the tub? A pillow on the bottom? A waterproof computer on his knees….? (And certainly I had major curiosity about what he wrote.)

kingBut each of us has our own quirks about where we write, and I moved on from bathtubs to thinking about a notable writer, Stephen King, who has strong ideas about where writers should write. He says all novelists should have a serene, preferably dull, writing place. But dull and serene is very subjective, don’t you think? I spend lots of time writing in a local coffee shop. I easily block out the cappuccino machines and gossip and crying babies. But when I need to come up for air and prove to myself that there are other people living in this beautiful universe, I look up from my laptop and rejoice at the people around me, proof that I haven’t totally left the world of the living.

N&S3Different stories require different writing spaces. While working on the fifth book in the Seaside Knitters Mystery series,The Wedding Shawl, I spent the summer writing on my screened porch with tentNancy Pickard, who was writing The Scent of Rain and Lightning, The view of my back yard, where my daughter was married a few years earlier, was the inspiration for Izzy’s wedding inThe Wedding Shawl. It was the perfect place to write that book.

tea shopA portion of a A Fatal Fleece (now in paperback) was written in the Pleasant Street Tea Co. (which is in Gloucester, a REAL town on Cape Ann, just down an ocean road from the fictitious Sea Harbor). The shop, which has deep, comfortable couches and an amazing prosciutto and pesto panini sandwich, is where Nell, Izzy, Birdie and Cass—the Seaside Knitters—would hang out with me, leading me forward, as together we faced a ghost in Birdie’s closet, dealt with an unexpected turn in Cass Halloran’s life, and solved the mystery of a colorful old fisherman’s murder.

creekBut for my most recent book, Angora Alibi, I retreated to Nancy’s deck—a most necessary move since my son and his family (including 3 children under 4) were living with my husband, me, two dogs, and our cat. The porch, filled with toys, no longer held its former serenity. But Nancy’s deck definitely did. As I looked out over the duck ponds and jogging trails, Angora Alibi came to life, and I followed along as a pregnant Izzy and her knitting friends worked deliberately and desperately to uncover the secret behind an infant baby carrier abandoned on a Sea Harbor beach, the untimely death of a young man the seaside knitters all knew—and the murder of an old man each of them held dear.

And now I’m writing the 8th book in the series, the one in which a stranger comes to Sea Harbor to find out who she is. Where, I wonder, is the best place to write it? I’m thinking it could be on a porch…a coffee shop…a deck…a library. Hmmm…well, it could be almost anywhere, as long as Nell, Birdie, Cass, and Izzy stop by and sit with me, telling me what’s happening next in their lives. Anywhere. Sometimes that’s the perfect place to write.


About This Author

Sally Goldenbaum is a philosophy teacher, knitter, editor, and the author of more than two-dozen novels.

Please visit her on Facebook.

Or at her Website: sallygoldenbaum.com

angora alibi

Angora Alibi:
A Seaside Knitters Mystery

7th in Series
Cozy Mystery
Obsidian (May 7, 2013)
Published by The Penguin Group
Hardcover: 320 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0451415349
E-Book File Size: 702 KB

The sun is shining in Sea Harbor and a group of friends, the Seaside Knitters, are spending Thursday evenings knitting the sweetest of gifts—a baby blanket. But as the due date draws near, they find they must take time away from their needles and yarn to confront a murder and untangle a mystery before a certain baby is brought into the world….

Everyone is excited about the upcoming birth of Baby Perry and Izzy is trying to take perfect care of herself by getting plenty of exercise. On one of her walks along the beach she notices an abandoned infant car seat complete with a yellow angora baby blanket.  After several days she realizes no one is claiming the seat and it bothers her to just leave it there. She stows it the trunk of her car but then the seat starts showing up in her dreams/nightmares. She just can’t get the thing off her mind. What happened to the baby? She just has a feeling something bad happened or is about to happen. Are her raging hormones responsible for these terrible thoughts?

Then a young man who does odd jobs around town dies while scuba diving. Is this the bad thing that has been on her mind? When it is learned that he was murdered and he has a connection to the car seat Izzy rallies the Seaside Knitters to investigate. Their attention to intricate patterns may be just what is needed to catch a killer.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I look forward to my visits to Sea Harbor. Sally has created a special place with very special people. The friendship of these characters is so genuine, readers feel like a member of the group. Nell, Birdie, Cass and Izzy are blessed to have each other in their lives. The joyful preparations for the new baby are so much fun, aside from the murder, of course.

My favorite character this time was Gabby. She has grown up before our eyes and has a heart as big as all outdoors. She also has a real talent that comes to light which was quite a surprise to the other characters as well as readers.

The death of Horace caught me a little off guard as he was a very interesting individual that had a great way of compensating for his failing eyesight. Something that unfortunately led to his demise.

The new characters really made the plot very complex with several red herrings that keeps the reader on their toes. We are also kept guessing about whether Izzy is having a boy or girl until the big moment arrives. I found this very refreshing as most couples these days know and have a name chosen months in advance. I like the surprise and while we had a list of names ready after the birth of all four of our children it was important to us to actually see and hold them before donning their names upon them. Only one child came home with the first name on the list.

An excellent story, a delightful place, rich characters – I couldn’t ask for more!  But there is a tasty recipe and a baby blanket pattern too!

I am anxiously awaiting my next trip to Sea Harbor!

a perfect escape


Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent

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65 thoughts on “Special Thursday Edition of Cozy Wednesday with Author Sally Goldenbaum (Giveaway too!)

  1. Thank you for the wonderful interview, review and giveaway, Lori ~ I added “Angora Alibi” to my TBR List and I look forward to reading it ~ Happy Reading and Writing~ Cheers~ Elizabeth

  2. I just recently heard about this series, probably via this website. I requested the first two books from the library and am looking forward to starting the series.

  3. I like to write in quiet-but anywhere quiet is good. I like to write in bed! I write long handed too! Paper and pen for me…then put it on computer. I get the flow better that way.

    1. It’s a wonderful hobby, and productive, too! There are so many near yarns out nowadays. And, like in Sally’s books, it brings people together in a very special way! If you live near Manhattan,KS, I’ll teach you!

  4. Welcome to Sally! I loved to hear that you can write with your friend in such peaceful sounding places. Now that we’ve turned to corner and spring is really here, I love to read out on the patio. Looking forward to the new book, thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Thanks for the welcome! I love Lori’s cozy corner.
      Yes, it’s comforting to write with a friend nearby (also writing!). Less lonely, and doing it in a beautiful place helps to!

  5. It’s great to get a glimpse into how writers write. Writing on a back porch with a fellow writer beside you is not something I’ve heard before. I look forward to reading this series.

  6. I just LOVE this series, and learning some of the different places you have wrote them in was great! So looking forward to reading this book!!

    1. Jennifer and Donna, thank you for your nice comments and I hope you like the series, Jennifer.
      Writing with a friend makes it easier to ‘stay put’. Yesterday we wrote on Nancy’s deck–it was so beautiful, with flowers blooming all around.

  7. You are very lucky to have friends that have the same interests as yourself. Hold on to them, good friends don’t come along often.

  8. Congratulations on the publication of Angora Alibi! Love cozy mysteries that include knitting. Thanks for sharing the places where you write. It is always so interesting to learn something personal about a writer.

    1. Booklady, Cindi and Christine, thanks for posting and for the congratulations. They DO have a blast, Cindi. Friendship, knitting and solving crimes seem to fit together very nicely! Christine–I hope you give the series a try and enjoy it.

  9. You can come write at my house, Sally. I have lovely woods to peer into. And you know I can keep you in cookies, coffee and tea.

    Or wine, if necessary. 🙂

  10. This series sounds unique and special. Thanks for this interesting interview.

  11. I enjoyed the photos and the interview. This book would be enjoyable and lovely.

  12. I’ve been an on and off reader of this series (if the library has it I read it). Sometimes a friend will gift me with books she has finished or isn’t going to read (she’s also a blogger) and when it’s a Seaside book I always know it will be enjoyable.

    I’d love to be able to add this one to my overburdened book shelves.

  13. Sally, I love the characters you have created. They feel like old friends to me. The setting is also very appealing to me even though I am originally a “south shore” girl. Thanks for all the enjoyment you have given over the years.

  14. Hi Lori, please enter me in the drawing. I am a follower by GFC and like your FB page. That’s where I read about the contest. Lol!

  15. Congratulations on your new release Sally. I just love this series. I found it through BookPages and my local library. I enjoyed the characters and the twists and turns through the who-do-you-think-did-it. Thank you for some very enjoyable reading!

  16. Sorry if this is a duplicate but when I commented the first time and clicked ‘post comment’, I got a message that the page was not found.

    Anyway, lol, my comment was that I love a good cozy and thank you for hosting this giveaway.


  17. I was just wishing I had another one of your books to read, yesterday!!! It’s like catching up on old friends! Anxious to read this new one!!!

    1. Hope you like it, Alicia.
      Marla–so happy to hear from you! If you have a minute, check my author webpage and look at the post from a woman from Norway. She showed in photos her knitting of Nell’s scarf–the one you so beautifully knit! It’s beautiful–she even spun her own yarn.

  18. Love this series – love the mystery but love the food in the books as well- makes me hungry for a visit back east!

  19. I love this series, even though I’m a crocheter 🙂 The friendships and the setting are really my favorite parts of these books…loved the pictures of your writing spaces.

    1. Samantha–I love the food, too. Nell has my dream kitchen.
      Mary–I try to slip some crochet in every now and then. I need you to teach me.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  20. Sounds very exciting–a murder mystery among knitters!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. What wonderful places to write. I recently read a post by another author who said one of her favorite places to write was her local coffee house, at first I thought how distracting, but on further reflection what a golden opportunity to let the imagination run. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, I am looking forward to reading this treat. I am new to the series and it looks like loads of fun 🙂

  22. I cannot imagine writting in a tub. Whrn I was in college I did my best writing at my desk. It didn’t matter if there were people around but at my desk was best.

  23. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I think this is a fun series.

  24. I’m a numbers person but I have my quirks too. Must have a black Pentel pencil–.05 lead. Had mine for over 30 years. Would love to start this series.

  25. Hi Sally,
    I enjoyed hearing about the different places you write… love your screened in backyard porch!

  26. I enjoyed your chat about writing places and yours sound much more pleasant than Mr. King’s, even though I have all his books! I am not familiar with your series, but it sounds like something I would like. Thank you for the chance to win one!!

  27. Love your bathtub musings. But your writing locations sound better and your book sounds great. Those colors on the cover are so enticing.

  28. Sally, I loved reading about the places where you write. And I’m equally bemused by the man who can only write in the bathtub. (The tub? Seriously? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, even if he uses paper and pencil.) I think your versatility is a real strength.

    I’ve had your books on my radar for some time now. I don’t know why I haven’t started the series yet, because it’s got so much that I love: knitting and mysteries and a small town and New England’s coast. And, from the sound of this book, a nice ongoing relationship. Well, I promise, I’m not going to wait any longer. As soon as I get caught up on my ARCs in a week or two, I’ll be starting the first one!

  29. Marvelous interview. This sounds like a book I would enjoy. I knit and I’m trying to write. I’m probably my own worst critic.

  30. loved the comic strip at the top of the site

    interview was good … love to add book to my collection

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