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I’m federal marshal Zeke Drummond, deceased since 1878. Those of you who have been readin’ what I like to call “The Sketch Books,” have already made my acquaintance. But I’m mighty pleased to meet any newcomers among you. For the past few years, I’ve been busy solvin’ murders with my partner Rory McCain, a feisty little redhead who’s still very much alive. She got herself overscheduled recently, so she asked me to conduct this interview for her. I was reluctant at first. You see, the only people I’ve ever interviewed were the criminal type. I told her I’d do my best, though. A man can’t promise more than that.

alibis and amethystsI’ll be interviewin’ Daniel Yazzi, a full-blooded Navajo from the same state where I was born. Of course back then it was only a territory. Now you may have met Daniel’s friends, Jaye and Sierra, over the past couple of months on Killer Characters. All three of them reside in Sedona, Arizona, where Jaye and Sierra wound up being suspects in a murder case. Daniel teamed up with them to solve the case and put the real killer behind bars.

              Zeke:  “Thanks for talkin’ with me today, Daniel.”

            Daniel:  “Glad to be here.  I have to admit I’ve never talked to a ghost before, but I feel like we already have a bond of sorts, since we’re both from Arizona. I bet my grandmother, Doli Joe, would feel perfectly comfortable with you. She comes from a long line of medicine women, so dealing with the spirit world is nothing new for her.”

            Zeke (laughing): “Then she could probably teach me a thing or two. Even though I kicked the bucket more than a hundred years ago, I’m still learnin’ the ins and outs of this between place.

            Daniel:  “You’ve got it. I’ll set up a meeting for you.”

            Zeke:  Mighty obliged. But I’d best get back to interviewin’ you or I’ll be catchin’ hell from my partner.

            Daniel (shaking his head):  “I know exactly what you’re up against. I’vehad to deal with feisty women all my life, starting with my mother and grandmother. And now with Jaye and Sierra. So fire away.”

            Zeke:  “Thanks – here goes. Did you grow up in Sedona?”

            Daniel: “No, I was raised a few hours away in Tuba City. That’s on the Navajo reservation. I left the rez to go to college and when I got back, my cousin George and I moved to Sedona, where we started Premier Navajo Tours.”

            Zeke: “Can you tell everyone a little about your business?”

            Daniel:  “Well, it’s simple really. We take tourists off road in open-air Jeeps to explore Sedona’s Red Rock country.”

            Zeke:  “I was up there a time or two way back when.  For those folks who’ve never been there, we ought to explain that the Red Rocks aren’t just rocks. That’s what they call the mountains and cliffs up there. I never did see anythin’ quite like it in my life.”

            Daniel: “It’s pretty special. Draws tens of thousands every year and never disappoints.”

            Zeke: “Do you get back up to the reservation often?”

            Daniel: “Not nearly as much as I should. My family still lives up in Tuba. But you know how it is — life gets in the way. (He laughs.) Especially when you’re trying to keep your best friends out of jail.”

            Zeke:  “I heard there was somethin’ mighty peculiar going on at the same time you were involved with your investigatin’.”

            Daniel:  “You must mean Raffles. She’s definitely a strange little creature. We still haven’t figured out exactly what she is, or where she came from, although my grandmother has a pretty weird theory about her. Anyway, now that Jaye and Sierra are out of jeopardy, we’ll have more time to sort that out.”

            Zeke:  “Well, I’ve sure enjoyed meetin’ you. Sorry I can’t shake your hand. I haven’t quite mastered that yet. I hope you’ll stop by sometime and give us an update. “

            Daniel:  “It’ll be my pleasure.”

Alibis and Amethysts (Crystal Shop Mystery) features Daniel, Jaye, Sierra and Raffles and it is available today! Keep reading below for Dollycas’s Review!


alibis and amethystsAlibis and Amethysts
(Crystal Shop Mystery)

A Brand New Series
Cozy Mystery
E-Book File Size: 605 KB
Print Length: 256 pages
Publisher: InterMix (August 20, 2013)


This series is set Sedona, Arizona and features Jaye Saylor. She owns Crystal Clear, a crystal and gemstone shop. She feels like she is living a geologist’s dream sharing her knowledge and folklore with all the residents and tourists that come to her shop.

When a body is found in her backyard the dream quickly turns into a nightmare. The police decide Jaye and her friend Sierra are ideal suspects. The friends find some unusual help to catch the real killer and prove their innocence.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
I picked up this book and couldn’t put it down. My finger was flipping through the pages on my Kindle at an amazing pace.

Sharon Pape packs her stories with punch, the main mystery and another in the subplot the keeps going into the next installment. Both were marvellous!

She also creates fantastic characters like friends Jaye and Sierra. They had met in college. Sierra shocked Jaye when she moved to Sedona but the complete surprise was Jaye following her there. They soon find themselves right at home and in the middle of a murder investigation.

The story is filled of the twists and turns you expect in a cozy mystery plus some surprises. I absolutely loved it!! It is time to enter world of crystals and crime with this new cozy series!!
a perfect escape

Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent

To Find out more about Sharon Pape visit her webpage here. She also blogs regularly at Killer Characters. The next Portrait of Crime Mystery featuring Zeke Sketcher in the Rye, will be available in December.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Receiving a complimentary copy in no way reflected my review of this book. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. I’ve read Sharon’s portrait of crime series and loved them, can’t wait start reading her new series – starting with Alibis an Amethysts.

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