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Joanna Campbell Slan is touring the first book of her Jane Eyre Chronicles with Great Escapes Book Tours. While I am not part of the official tour I wanted to Showcase these books today. I named Death of a Schoolgirl Best Historical Cozy in 2012.

She followed that up with The Death of a Dowager which is sure to make my Best of 2013 list. Both reviews have been reposted below. These stories would be enjoyed by young adult women, their mothers, and grandmothers too!

Death of a Schoolgirl (The Jane Eyre Chronicles) A Brand New Series Historical Cozy Mystery A Berkley Prime Mystery The Berkley Publishing Group Publish by The Penguin Group (August 7, 2012) Cover Art by Alan Ayers Cover Design by George Long Trade Paperback: 352 pages ISBN-13: 978-0425247747


In her classic tale, Charlotte Brontë introduced readers to the strong-willed and intelligent Jane Eyre. Picking up where Brontë left off, Jane’s life has settled into a comfortable pattern: She and her beloved Edward Rochester are married and have an infant son. But Jane soon finds herself in the midst of new challenges and threats to those she loves…

Jane and Edward are very upset by a letter they receive from Adèle Varens, Rochester’s ward. She is residing at a boarding school in London and the letter is a cry for help. Adèle has a tendency to be a bit dramatic and she craves attention but Jane feels Adèle is truly in trouble.

Jane decides she must go to London immediately even if that means leaving her son and invalid husband behind, traveling alone into the big city. Her travels are event filled but nothing comes close to arriving at the school just in time to see a body being removed. A classmate of Adèle’s has died and no one seems very upset. Jane uses the chaos created by a teacher leaving and her replacement being delayed to pose as an instructor to find out what is really going on behind the walls of the school. She starts to uncover some “unsavory secrets” that may lead to her own demise.

Dollycas’s Thoughts A FANTASTIC STORY!!!! This is one of those that earns well beyond the five stars!!!

Joanna Campbell Slan has masterfully dropped us right into Jane’s life. She picks up right where Charlotte Bronte leaves off and spins a wonderful tale turning Jane Eyre into a Nancy Drew from 1820. What a marvelous idea.

Jane has evolved into a wife and a mother still retaining the complexity and strength that Bronte created. She has overcome so much in her life and emerged a strong woman with a compassionate heart. Edward Rochester has grown as well, coming to terms with his disabilities as the high price for the errors of his past, but not letting them consume him.  Together they are the perfect match and their love just shines. The author has made these characters jump right off the page and into our hearts. A trip back in time to visit some dear old friends.

The mystery is dynamic with many twists, turns and surprises. It is well researched giving the reader a clear sense of history and place.

Beautifully written. The writing style reminds me of Charlotte Bronte herself. While the novel Jane Eyre was  said to be “ahead of its time” and explored many social themes and mores, this “chronicle” is timed perfectly to show us life as the Rochester’s move forward.  Their eyes are have now been opened to the world outside Ferndean Manor. As the make plans to rebuild Thornfield Hall I see them taking on more responsibilities as landowners to care of the people around them. 

This will be one of my Best Reads of 2012. Right now it holds the top spot!! A Extraordinary Read!! A More Than PERFECT ESCAPE!! A great way to introduce a new generation to Jane Eyre.

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death of a dowager

The Death of a Dowager
(The Jane Eyre Chronicles)

2nd in Series
Historical Cozy Mystery
A Berkley Prime Crime Mystery
The Berkley Publishing Group (April 2, 2013)
Published by The Penguin Group
Cover Illustration by Alan Ayers
Cover Design by George Long
Trade Paperback: 320 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0425253519
E-Book File Size: 594 KB

In her classic tale, Charlotte Brontë introduced readers to the strong-willed and intelligent Jane Eyre. The Jane Eyre Chronicles pick up where Brontë left off, with Jane married to her beloved Edward Rochester and mother to a young son. But Jane soons finds herself having to protect those she loves…

While extensive repairs are being made to Ferndean, their rural home, Jane and Edward accept an invitation from their friend Lucy Brayton to stay with her in London. Jane is reluctant to abandon their peaceful life in the countryside, but Edward’s damaged vision has grown worse. She hopes that time in the capital will buoy his spirits and give him the chance to receive treatment from an ocular specialist.

Once in London, the Rochesters accompany Lucy to the Italian Opera House. But there is more drama in the audience than on stage—Jane not only unexpectedly finds herself in the presence of King George and his mistress, Lady Conygham, she also encounters an old nemesis in the form of Lady Ingram (whose daughter, Blanche, once hoped to wed Edward herself). The aging dowager deals both Jane and Lucy a very public snub; hoping to mitigate the social damage caused by this, Lucy insists on visiting the Ingrams the next day. The visit goes poorly from the start—and ends with Lady Ingram dropping dead in the midst of taking tea. It soon becomes clear that the dowager’s death was an unnatural one, and Jane must set her considerable intelligence to the problem of solving it—and why the throne appears to have an interest …

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Jane Eyre is one of those books we are forced to read in school but it very quickly became one of my all time favorite stories. I also loved the first story in this series, Death of a Schoolgirl, which landed on my list of Best Reads of 2012.

Joanna Campbell Slan has a true gift, she doesn’t just write or tell a story. She drops the reader right into it.  We are in the opera house, at tea, walking the sooty streets of London.  I wasn’t just reading the story, I was living it.  

The entire story was intriguing as we step back in time to the read of royalty, political, social and medical customs.  The “ton” was very important to London’s elite and the slightest snub by another member could change life drastically. Being dropped from the group was a fear of all the members. Living outside of London Jane did not fully understand their power, she really didn’t care until she  learned how important this status  was to her friend Lucy. 

This story is beautifully written and has a definite Brontë feel. Following Jane, Edward and their family as they move past the pages of Jane Eyre is a pure pleasure.  The Jane Eyre Chronicles can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. It is time to introduce Jane Eyre to our daughters.  These stories are sure to become classics from our time.

This is going to be a Best Read 2013. An extraordinary story that should not be missed. Imagine me shouting from the rooftops “YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!”

a perfect escape


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