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Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

I caught a little flak last week for my Sunday post so I just want to clear up something. Those of you the follow my blog already know this story, but for the few people, (I only left one comment up because the others were just too nasty.) who felt you had the right to judge me this is for you!

I in no way threw my cats away. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I made sure they were all safe and in good hands. They are all happy and well cared for. Sherlock is doing much better in my sister’s quieter house with his pal Oscar. She is taking wonderful care of them both and loves them as much as I do. Morrie is being spoiled rotten in his new home and is getting fat and sassy. Jack is bringing love to someone that really needed a companion. Watson has a girlfriend at his new house. Wiley is back with my son and his daughter in their new place and as you can see in the pictures below my granddaughter and Wiley are buddies.

Natalie and Wiley when Natalie was a baby.
Natalie and Wiley when Natalie was a baby.
Natalie and Wiley this week.
Natalie and Wiley this week.

Our family started with just Felix. I had been allergic to cats my whole life but he never made me sneeze or my eyes water. So we were his people for years. Oscar joined the family later and he and Felix were quite the odd couple. When Felix died my daughter’s boyfriend knew I was heartbroken and when he found a stray kitten in the rain he brought it to me. That was my Wiley. Jack was my son’s girlfriend’s cat that came to live with us when she did. A few years later they moved to their own place and sadly took Oscar, Jack and Wiley with them. This was without my permission and caused a great deal of tension in our family. She had to have those cats. We waited months hoping she would allow at least Wiley to return home. Our house felt empty. I finally broke down and adopted a rescue cat, Sherlock. My youngest daughter brought home a stray a few months later, Watson, and my youngest son came home a couple of months later with Moriarty. The house was complete again. Then last year my oldest son and his wife separated and he moved back home and brought all 3 cats that they took with him. His ex who could not live without the cats a couple of years earlier now wanted nothing to do with them. We loved them so we made it work. Then we lost our house. We had less than 3 weeks to move out of a house my husband and friends built to accommodate my disabilities 10 years prior. We had just 3 weeks to find a house that was accessible for me and had enough room for all of us. In 3 weeks we had to find a house to rent, landlords that would choose us over many applicants, and leave a house we loved all because of a predatory loan that tripled our house payment and was still rising.

We found just one house 50 miles away from where we were living and sadly the landlord said no cats. We were down to just 4 days before we had to be out of our home. Is this house perfect? NO! Do I miss my cats? You bet I do. But I know they are all happy and well cared for and they are where they need to be. In a perfect world we wouldn’t have lost our house. My husband worked so hard to try and save it and truthfully he is still fighting because they were so many things handled improperly in the whole process. But hard decisions had to be made and hard compromises made. If at anytime I thought my cats were being mistreated or unhappy I would not have left them in their new homes.

O.K. that’s the end of my rant.

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Just a Quick Recap of September

Read 16 Books – 4676 Pages – 4485 KB

I matched up my personal reading log with my GoodReads log and realized I missed 2 books over the past couple of months so these totals reflex that correction.

Year to Date Totals:  150 Books!!! 43507 Pages – 19143 KB

readalattechallenge_zps01d248d0That means I completed the Read – A – Latte Challenge!! Sadly I don’t think the blog that started this challenge is still hosting it 🙁


I also completed the E-Book Challenge hosted by Workaday Reads.

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Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!
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21 thoughts on “Sunday Salon – Sunday Post – Sorry A Rant – Weekly Rewind – September Recap – Mail Call

  1. Those of us who have been with you through all that has gone on do not judge you. We have just been keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Please do not take personally people who have nothing better to do than write nasty comments. I think we have to feel sorry for them (even though their comments do hurt at first). I think you have done very well for all that you and your family have been through and am happy to see you coming out the other side of this dark cloud. Dee

  2. So sorry that you had to go through that. It’s hard enough when your life has been upended but then for people to try and throw guilt on top of it is horrible. I find that most people that point fingers need to look in the mirror first. I hope things get better for you.

  3. Wow! Why do people have to be so nasty? Obviously they have no clue who you are. Thanks for sharing your story with us again. I pray things continue to get better for you and you can one day have your animal family back with you.

  4. “Unless you have walked a mile in his shoes….” Well, I *have* walked in Dollycas’ shoes. We also lost our house due to similar circumstances and now rent a home. Please folks, do not judge someone online unless you know all the facts. I was luckier than Dollycas in that we had enough time to plan our next move. I don’t usually want to share all my personal info with online friends, but I felt it was necessary today. I hope you find peace in your new home.

  5. Thank you so very very much. It was wonderful to wake up to these comments. Last week tears were sad, this weeks are happy tears. Even though there were some awful messages too, but they were from new readers because their messages were in the pending file. I guess I need a picture of the dogs looking happier, lol. I will work on that 🙂

  6. You deserve understanding, not ugly comments, and to those who wrote harsh things, without knowing all the facts, I hope that you won’t find yourselves in a difficult situation and forced to make hard choices, without understanding friends by your sides.

    Thanks for sharing, Lori, and I know that you have weathered a difficult storm…hopefully, you will now find comfort and rest.

    Congrats on your completed challenges! Here’s MY WEEKLY SUNDAY/MONDAY UPDATES

  7. I’m so sorry that you lost your house; to have to part with your cats can only have made things worse. How awful that some people were thoughtless and mean to you about it. I’m sending you a huge virtual hug and hoping that somehow good things will come out of this hard time.

  8. So sorry you had to deal with that. I’m shocked that people feel they have the right to be so judgmental when they know so little.

  9. I am angry on your behalf. People just need to shut the hell up unless they know the situation and even then they should still shut the hell up unless you specifically ask for their opinion. You did the very best you could do in your situation, given the time constraints and your other issues. You found the kitties a soft, safe place to fall and that’s way more than most people would do. You hold your head up and block those poopheads! xo

  10. gosh I am sorry you went through all of that and then had to deal with hurtful comments. Bless your heart. I love the new books you receive this week and wish you happy!

  11. People really have no idea what another person is dealing with and shouldn’t be so quick to judge, but unfortunately the way we are as a species, we do. I’m not making excuses for anyone, though. It just shows how we all need to be careful what we say and think before we speak or write.

  12. I am so sorry for your many difficulties, the greatest of which was finding new homes for your beloved cats. I am glad that they are all in good homes. Too often people rush to judge others without knowing the circumstances. I wish you the best. I love your emails and know that you will continue to be a great source for my “to read” list!

  13. So sorry you had to endure hateful comments. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to have to give up your babies on top of everything else that was going on. Those people might want to clean off their own doorstep first before they start sweeping at others.

  14. Sorry that you went through that and people didn’t understand!! That was terrible in all ways. We had two cats and had to move to California. We finally found an apartment that we could afford and they told us that it would cost us $100 a month per cat. So we had to leave them with my mother. She never cared for animals in the house but after she got to know them, she loved then. We had no choice because we were barely getting by with no health insurance and living off my savings until my husband got his paycheck. Then it was still just a beginning salary. It broke our hearts but we had to give them up.

  15. People can be so god darned nasty sometimes. It’s hard giving up a pet but you did it with good intentions and because you love them. At least you seem to be in contact with them still which is fantastic. I hope people learn to shut up about things. Sorry you’re going through this!
    Looks like you’ve got a bit of a busy week planned loving the book haul btw I wish I had a copy of Parasite!
    Thanks for stopping by my Sunday Post this week!
    Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

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