Review: The Journey (Kentucky Brothers) by Wanda Brunstetter

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The Journey (Kentucky Brothers)
Series: Kentucky Brothers (Book 1)
Publisher: Barbour Books (April 5, 2011)
Paperback: 382 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1602606814
E-Book File Size: 1080 KB


In this first installment of the Kentucky Brothers saga we meet Titus Fisher. He waited to court young Phoebe Stoltzfus until she was old enough. He knew he wanted to marry her since she was 13 and he was 17 but as they moved closer to marriage Phoebe wanted to move away from the Amish way of life and Titus to go with her. He couldn’t do that. So away she went from Pennsylvania to California leaving his heart shattered.

Then Titus received a job opportunity in a Amish Community in Kentucky. Against his mother’s wishes he decides to take the job and start fresh in a new place. The people in Kentucky are very welcoming and he meets many new people, including a couple of women they may help fill the hole Phoebe left in his heart.

Dollycas’s Thoughts
Last year I read The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club and loved it. I knew I wanted to read more by this author and once I started reading this story I couldn’t stop.

This author really takes us on a journey with Titus. He was truly having trouble growing up and becoming his own man in Pennsylvania in the shadow of his family and a mother that just loved him so much she really had a hard time letting go. It was a major decision  for Titus to move away on his own and when he arrived in Kentucky is was hardly smooth sailing. There was a young woman he saw every day that reminded him of the girl that broke his heart. His living situation was far from ideal. Plus he really missed the family he left behind.

I read books like this to give me a break from the mysteries and thrillers that I usually read. I love the slower pace and the traditional dialogue. There is a little mystery mixed in too that I enjoy but it is definitely a minor subplot.  Brunstetter gives us “English” a peek at the Amish Plain life with a nice balance of coming of age, romance, and a perfect amount of humor.

After I started reading I realized this series was a spinoff from another series but I had no trouble following the story but I will probably go back and read that series after this one.

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