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The Sunday Salon used to be a meme but was getting so huge it became unmanageable, so it is now a Facebook group that has become an informal week in review
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It is also a place to share our thoughts about things of a bookish nature.

SUNDAY POSTThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by
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It just can’t be February already. January was cold and windy and flew right by.

My word for 2014 is
hopeThis week I lost a friend after her courageous cancer battle.
She died from the same type of cancer that took my dad in 1988.
I had hoped that after all this time a cure would be found that could have saved her.

Also this week I had an article published on BTS Book Reviews Blog that I was written to give people HOPE. It is basically a very condensed version of my life story of the last 13 years and how I came to be writing this blog today.  I hope you will check it out if you have time.
Just click here.january recap

January Books Read

January Totals
15 Books Read – 4846 Pages – 2113 KB
2014 Challenges


1. Georgia
2. California
3. Washington D.C. (District of Columbia)
4. Tennessee
5. Wisconsin
6. Montana


alphabet 2014 30010 Letters Zone So Far

C. A Chorus Lineup by Joelle Charbonneau
D. Dead Man’s Fancy by Keith McCafferty
F. Forget Me Knot by Mary Marks
H. Home of the Braised by Julie Hyzy
I. I’ll Take Of You by Caitlin Rother
M. Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival by Jennifer Chiavrerini
P. Playing With Fire by J.J. Cook
R. Rosemary and Crime by Gail Oust
T. Teacup Turbulence by Linda O. Johnston
Z.  Zero Degree Murder by M.L. Rowland

cruisin21.Rosemary and Crime by Gail Oust
2. Forget Me Knot by Mary Marks
3. Home of the Braised by Julie Hyzy
4. Playing With Fire by J.J. Cook
5. Teacup Turbulence by Linda O. Johnston
6. Truth Kills by Nanci Rathbun
7.A Chorus Lineup by Joelle Charbonneau
8. Peach Pies and Homicides by Ellery Adams

I have also read my Just For Fun book for January, read 2 books for the E-Book Challenge, 4 books in the What An Animal Challenge, 1 topic book for the What’s In A Name Challenge and 2 books in my Wisconsin Literary Road Trip,

weekly rewind credited235Weekly Rewind January 27 – February 1, 2014

Monday – It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Tuesday – The Curl Up and Dye by Sharon Sala Virtual Book Tour

Wednesday – Cozy Wednesday with Author Joelle Charbonneau (Giveaway too!)

Thursday – Review: Pecan Pies and Homicides by Ellery Adams

Friday – The Big Dirt Nap by Rosemary Harris – My January Just For Fun Book

Saturday – Spotlight/Giveaway- Wind River Mysteries by Margaret Coel

mail call314

I hope you all have a wonderful week with plenty of time to snuggle up with a good book.

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon/Sunday Post – January Recap – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call

  1. Lori, I had no idea. You are amazing – to come through that with such courage and optimism and a joy in life that is evident in your posts. And now you’re doing the blog tours in addition to your review blog. What an inspiration you are!

    I love your January reads and look forward to reading a few of them myself! Have a great week, my friend.

    1. I also meant to convey my deepest sympathies on the death of your friend. I’m so sorry, and I’m sending you a big, warm virtual hug. Be good to yourself, and may you find comfort in the love of your family and friends.

  2. What an amazing and courageous journey! You obviously have a wonderfully positive attitude and do not give up. Definitely a must when facing so many obstacles and finding your way through them. Thanks for sharing…and keep hoping!

    Your books look good, as usual. Enjoy the new week. Here’s MY WEEKLY SUNDAY/MONDAY UPDATES

  3. Lori – You are amazing! I had no idea about any of that. Truly amazing!

    Of course you know all those cozies look great to me! Have a wonderful week!

  4. So sorry about your loss Lori. It seems that more and more everyday people are finding out they have this awful sickness. I pray everyday that they can come up with a cure for all of it.

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