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The Sunday

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at the computer

My big adventure this week was getting out of the house for a haircut and a little bit of shopping. Other than that I was busy at my computer and reading some great books. My doctor wants me to spend less time as the computer as my right leg/foot (the paralyzed one) is retaining a lot of fluid and he wants me to elevate it more. I am trying to do that but the days fly by so fast 🙂 that before I know it I have been sitting here for hours. I will try to start taking breaks but it is just so darn hard. I think my chair tried to help me out when it broke on Thursday but my fantastic hubby brought me home a new one that evening.

weekly rewind credited235Weekly Rewind – March 17 – 22, 2014

Monday – Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop!!!
plus It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?
– I also hosted a giveaway for 9 More Killer Thrillers. You can still get all 9 for just 99 cents.

Tuesday – Review: A Second Helping of Murder by Christine Wenger (Release Date – April 1)

Wednesday – Cozy Wednesday with Author of How To Paint A Cat – Rebecca M. Hale (Giveaway too!)

Thursday – Special Guest – Author of the Tea Shop Mysteries – Laura Childs – (Giveaway too!)

Friday – My March Just For Fun Book – The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

Saturday – Review – Dead Ball by Judith Arnold

mail call314

Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent

10 thoughts on “Sunday Salon/Sunday Post – Computer Time – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call

    1. I tried to that this week and that’s when my chair broke, lol. It was pretty funny after the fact. My leg kept sliding off the little stool I put under my desk. It is just crazy when your body just won’t do what you want it to. 🙂

  1. I agree. Find something to elevate that foot during computer time. Or set a timer to get up and walk around at least every 30 minutes.

  2. I have to try to get up every half hour or so or my legs go to sleep! Maybe that would work for you?

    Enjoy your week…and thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Aunt Dimity – you have the new Aunt Dimity — can I borrow it?!!!

    Sorry, I’m a bit obsessive over those, even if the later installments don’t quite live up to the earliest ones. (Aunt Dimity’s Death is one of my comfort books. I read it when I’m really, really having a tough time.)

    Sorry to hear about your leg. But maybe you can look at it as enforced reading time? Or, could you work on a laptop propped on your stomach, while your foot is elevated?

    Have a great week and enjoy the new books!

  4. Sorry to hear about your leg problem with the computer desk. I also have leg (and hand) problems (early osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia) so I am not supposed to sit or type for long periods of time. I cheat and prop my legs up on something under the desk, but I see that doesn’t work for you. Hope you figure out a solution or spend more time reading in a recliner 🙂
    I will have to look for The Heist; I enjoyed your review and didn’t know Evanovich was branching out with another series. I have read about 13 of the Plum books and while I really enjoyed them, I burned out on them from reading a whole bunch back to back a couple of years ago. Thanks for a good post today.

  5. Maybe you can set up a timer every half hour on the computer as a reminder. I know how easy it is to get involved in the computer and not even realize how long you are on it.

    Have a great week!

  6. I am needing to get up from the computer/couch as well. I am hoping to join a local rec centre in the coming days so that I can increase my activity level. Hope your foot starts to feel better.

  7. I second the timer suggestion for getting up and walking around. Also, if you had a laptop you could sit on the couch or in a comfy chair and prop your leg up.

    Happy reading!

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