Review/Giveaway: Never Come Back by David Bell

never come backNever Come Back
New American Library (October 1, 2013)
Published by The Penguin Group
Trade Paperback: 448 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0451417510
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Leslie Hampton’s life revolves around the care of her special needs son.  Her daughter, Elizabeth,  is going to college for her Master’s Degree and that keeps her quite busy. When her mother asks her to make a commitment to take care of Ronnie if she passes away they get into a huge fight.

Weeks go by and Leslie passes away very unexpectedly. The police believe her son Ronnie killed her in a fit of temper. Elizabeth can’t believe her brother would hurt their mother. In fact she can’t think of anyone that would want to hurt Leslie Hampton.  Her mother’s death catapults  “Elizabeth into a world of danger and double lives that undoes everything she thought she knew….”

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I am kicking myself for waiting so long to read this book! Once I started it I couldn’t put it down. David Bell owes me a good night sleep because even as I finished the book I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Ronnie has Down’s Syndrome but you could tell his mother and his therapists really had done a good job with  him. He was rocked by his mother’s death and all the aftermath. That would have been extremely hard on anyone let alone a young man with his disorder.

I really felt compassion for Elizabeth as well. We have all had disagreements with our parents and we never think that could be the last conversation we have with them. She also is a very closed off person, afraid to let anyone in to help her, much like her mother. I think she had a really hard time growing up with her mother devoting all her time to Ronnie and even saying to Elizabeth that the reason she was born was that there needed to be someone to take care of Ronnie when she was gone. Then after her mother passes away she has to deal with Ronnie plus all the secrets her mother kept from her. It was heartbreaking.

Bell has written a psychological mystery with more twists than a corkscrew and the last one really threw me. His writing always has layers, some are written out there right on the page and for others you need to read between the lines. He also writes in such a way that the reader is so drawn in that it is very hard to put the book down.

The one drawback that I have found with all 3 David Bell novels is that the book synopses on the back of the book and used for promotion gives too much away. That is why I don’t read more than the first line or two of a synopsis. If it draws me in I’ll read the book. I definitely don’t want to know any of the twists or crucial parts of the mysteries. A synopsis shouldn’t be a spoiler it should be a teaser to make you want to read the story.

This was my favorite Bell mystery so far. I am really looking forward to the next one.

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  1. Thank you for this giveaway!!! It sounds like a great mystery with family secrets that I love to read. I don’t think it’s the brother with Down syndrome. I just added to my Goodreads list as a Want to Read. Sounds like a page turner.

  2. It sounds like a fantastic book. I would love to read it. Thanks for having the giveaway.

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