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The Sunday Salon used to be a meme but was getting so huge it became unmanageable, so it is now a Facebook group that has become an informal week in review
gathering place for bloggers.

It is also a place to share our thoughts about things of a bookish nature.

SUNDAY POSTThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by
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~ It’s a chance to share news~
A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

Another busy week. I spent a couple of hours researching the Subscribe 2 Plug In I use and trying to remove the new pop-up screen that appeared every time anyone visited my blog. It drove me crazy and that was the last thing I wanted for my readers. I knew the blog was loading slower but I was totally surprised when the company the hosts my blog, Tiger Technologies, emailed me saying that they had found a bug in the plug in program and fixed it. They noticed the problem because I was using large amounts of their server resources. They also notified the author of the plugin so that they could fix the problem for everyone else.

Tiger Technologies has gone above and beyond my expectations since I signed up to have my blog hosted by them. Customer Service is super fast and they catch problems like the one above before you even know about them. For just $8.95 a month I know my blog is safe and sound and there is always someone there to help if I have any questions. It is money well spent, especially after the fiasco I went through with Blogger/Google a few years ago where Customer Service did not exist.

The good news is the pop-up is gone. You can subscribe to my blog with the links in the sidebar as always 🙂

Just Click if you would like more information.

weekly rewind credited235Weekly Rewind – July 14 – 19, 2014

MondayIt’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

TuesdayReview – The White Magic Five and Dime by Steve Hockensmith with Lisa Falco

WednesdayCozy Wednesday with Betty Hechtman – Author of Silence of the Lamb’s Wool (Giveaway too!)

ThursdayReview/Giveaway – Book Clubbed by Lorna Barrett

FridayMy July Just For Fun Read – Trudy, Madly, Deeply by Wendy Delaney

SaturdaySpotlight/Giveaway – From Fear To Eternity by Michelle Rowan

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Happy Reading Everyone!!

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Salon/Sunday Post – Techy Stuff – Weekly Rewind – Mail Call

  1. Thanks, it was very annoying, but at least it let you close it. Some of those pop-ups do not and then you have to work around or forego the site altogether. I’m sure you have seen those too.

    1. I love the ease of the plug-ins but hate when they add a feature like that and don’t explain how to get rid of it if you don’t like it. It claimed it would help grow followers but I know it was driving them away. Thank you for sticking with me!!

  2. Oh, I wondered why that pop-up window kept showing up! It was annoying, and I’m sure you are happy it’s gone, too. Here’s to a “pop-up free” week, with lots of good books.

  3. Thanks for taking care of that pop-up! I wondered why since you have so many followers and fans. Glad you found a good hosting company. I have one too and am happy I moved on from blogger for my main blog, though if I make another, I might use it for its ease and free price tag 🙂
    The White Magic Five and Dime and Silence of the Lamb’s Wool look super-cute and fun. Have a great week reading and blogging.

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