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I recently read Etta Mae’s Worst Bad-Luck Day by Ann B. Ross. Last Sunday was officially my Worst Bad Luck Day in quite awhile. I have been writing the past couple of weeks about my email woes. Last weekend my husband decided he was going to fix my computer once and for all. He backed up absolutely everything to not just one but 2 external hard drives. I backed up blog and tour info on a jump drive just in case the computer was not ready to go on Monday.

bad daySunday afternoon my husband was pretty pleased with himself. He had taken the computer back to factory defaults and reinstalled Microsoft Office 2013 and everything was working great. My documents and spreadsheets opened perfectly. I was so excited.

Then I opened up the Outlook email program and asked were are all my folders? (I had a folder for each book tour, past, present and future. Every email regarding the tours was in those folders.) I started to hyperventilate and my husband said, calm down, I must have forgot to restore those. I went back to my book and he went back to work on my computer.

It wasn’t long and I hear him swearing and saying “you are going to kill me”. I went back out by the computer and he said, “I can’t restore your emails, there is a corrupt file”. It is probably the reason my email kept crashing before but I totally lost it.  Not only did I lose thousands of emails I had read but anything that came in late Friday afternoon until Sunday when we got things back up were lost. Plus emails I had flagged to answer on Monday. Then came another rude awakening. My contact list and calendar were gone too!

Whenever we tried to restore any part of Outlook 2013 we received the error message that the “task could not be completed due to a corrupted file”. I thought Great Escapes Book Tours was done and was ready  to pull my hair out. After several minutes spent going a little nuts I realized I had my spreadsheets, word documents, my blog and a file cabinet full of information. I may not be able to recover everything the way I had it but I could use what I had to keep things going.  I put a notice up on my blog asking anyone that sent me things recently to resend. I emailed publicists and authors and asked for help. I know some emails may have fell through through the cracks but am hopeful they will contact me again. By about 4 a.m. Monday morning I headed to bed having recreated everything I could and hoped on Monday I would receive the rest of  the information I was missing.

And I did, publicists, author, bloggers, friends all came through for me.  I will never recover the thousands of emails I lost but I am up and running. I am also saving everything in folders on my hard drive instead just in the email program and I am saving my calendars and contacts to the hard drive as well. My external backup drive still backs things up daily but I have learned a huge lesson. I am more careful but I also realize my life didn’t end because of this computer crash. Where there is a will there is a way.

I missed a few hours sleep and Sunday was a Worst Very Bad Luck Day but Monday was pretty awesome. A huge thank you to everyone that sent things I needed, sent words of encouragement and to my wonderful husband. No, I didn’t kill him 🙂 He fixed my computer and made it work better and saved me again from myself by talking me through fixing the problem and not giving up.

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mail call314

I hope you have the Best Good Luck Week Ever!!

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  1. So far so good – but it is early yet. We love our computers and when we rely on them and they corrupt it is horrid – been there done that! Can sympathize with you. I always say I am going to keep a pen and paper calendar, but never do!
    Have a great week this week! 🙂

  2. Oh, I so hate any computer issues like the ones you are describing. I haven’t had those specific issues, but one of my e-mail accounts was hacked a few years ago. I had to create a new e-mail account and send letters to everyone who got the weird e-mails.

    Then all of my bookmarks and business cards had the wrong info….and I still have drawers full of those obsolete cards!

    Hope everything is better for you now! Here’s MY WEEKLY SUNDAY/MONDAY UPDATES POST

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