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Welcome to Cozy Wednesday!
I am so pleased to welcome author Teresa Trent to Escape with Dollycas!!


Writing the Pecan Bayou Series-
A Little Texas,
Some Helpful Hints and Recipes, and Murder

by Teresa Trent

A few years ago, I started writing first book of my Pecan Bayou series, A Dash of Murder. I am a big fan of ghost hunting series on television, and so I wanted to tell a story about a ghost hunt. From that story emerged my amateur sleuth, her family and all of the wacky characters in the town of Pecan Bayou. Are any of these people real or at least patterned after real people? Not really. Many of the characters, like Danny, who has Down Syndrome are composites of many people real and fictional. Betsy is a little bit me, but there are risks she takes that I wouldn’t dream of trying. Aunt Maggie is a little me, a little of my mother and the all the aunts I’ve been blessed with in my life. Rocky the newspaper editor, is purely fictional. Although, if Hallmark ever calls me to tell me they want to use my books as a series, I would love to get Sam Shepherd to play him.

From the first book a romance developed between Betsy and Leo, and their story continued through five more mysteries. It was a slow simmering romance that wasn’t even consummated until the second book, but isn’t that the best kind of falling love?

In the series Betsy has to find killers in the library, in a Fourth of July parade, at her own wedding, and while she endures a terrible case of flu that won’t seem to go away. (Hmmm newly married with a terrible case of stomach flu–what could it be?)

My favorite scenes and characters to write were the fun ones like the exploding port-o-potty, the run through the haunted hospital, Miss Caroline chasing Betsy around with a baby quilt and Ruby Green, the beautician from the Best Little Hairhouse in Texas, stealing the megaphMURDERFORARAINYDAY_COVERone from the Pecan Bayou Police and shouting for the killer to “get her crazy-ass out”. I love Miss Ruby so much, sometimes I think she needs her own book.

Still though, I’m coming to the end of this series. We are on the final edits of my sixth novel for Pecan Bayou, Murder for a Rainy Day. I continue peeking into the lives of Betsy and her family as she is about to give birth to her second child…in a hurricane…with a mystery to solve. If you want to find out when this book will be available visit my website at to sign up for my mailing list. If you have never read a book in the series, A Dash of Murder, a Halloween mystery, is on sale this month at Smashwords for 99 cents. Just use coupon code XW38Q when you check out. Smashwords has the book available in many ereader formats.

Even though I’m loading up the car and driving out of Pecan Bayou, not to worry. I’m working on my next series right now. We’re heading to the Piney Woods of Texas. Time for some gumbo, the smell of fresh pine and of course, murder.


About This Author

Teresa Trent writes her Pecan Bayou Mystery Series from Houston, Texas.  With a father in the army, her family moved often finally settling in Colorado.  Living in Texas for the last 19 years she loves the people and even the weather.  Murder for a Rainy Day includes a hurricane, and having endured Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Rita with her family, Teresa would much rather write about them than evacuate from them.   Teresa includes Danny, a character with Down Syndrome in her Pecan Bayou family and in real life is the mother of an adult son with Down Syndrome/PDD.  Creating the character of Danny and all of the other inhabitants of Pecan Bayou has been a joy for her.  This book is the last one in the Pecan Bayou Series taking Betsy from single mom to mother of three.  Teresa is now working on her next series.

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I am playing catch up on this wonderful series. I was thrilled to meet Teresa through Great Escapes Book Tours. She will be touring with us again November 24 – December 5 with Murder For A Rainy Day. What for my review of A Dash of Murder on Halloween!

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  1. This series sounds great! I’ll have to pick up the first one on smashwords. Thanks for the interview and the deal!

    1. You’re right! Technically the town of Pecan Bayou is so far inland that they get spin-off storms from a coastal hurricane that might include tornadoes.

  2. I haven’t started this series yet, it’s on my lengthy tbr list, I’ve heard so many good things about it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. All of the books sound terrific. That was a tough call so I chose the one that fits the holiday for the month.

  4. I don’t know how I have missed this series, but I will definitely head to Smashwords!

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