Cozy Wednesday with Jenn McKinlay – Author of On Borrowed Time (Giveaway too!)

cozy wednesday 2013 640Welcome to Cozy Wednesday!

My guest today is Jenn McKinlay! and she is celebrating!!

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Nov 4th is a very special day for me. Yes, it’s election day, but no I’m not running for office, rather I am celebrating the publication of my twentieth mystery On Borrowed Time. When I began this journey I had no idea that I had twenty novels inside me, in fact, I was surprised I even had one!

My first mystery came out in 2009. It was the first mystery in a short lived series that I wrote under the name Lucy Lawrence. I loved that series set in a paper store in Massachusetts, not only because it was my first but also because I learned so much about writing a series during its creation. Because that series didn’t last, I was convinced my writing career was doomed. I began pitching more and more ideas until I had three series under my own name Jenn McKinlay; the Library Lover’s Series, the Cupcake Mystery Series, and the London Hat Shop Mystery Series. You’d think that would be enough, but no. I also took on another series under the name Josie Belle about a group of bargain hunters, Good Buy Girls Mystery Series.

When people see the amount of books I write, about four a year, they often ask me how. I wish there was a simple answer but writing is such a unique experience that one size most definitely does not fit all. I have author friends who tell me that every single word is excruciating. I know others who tell me they have to think about the book for months before they can write a word. And then there are the crazy ones who write three books at the same time and never get mixed up. Incredible, I know.

on borrowed timeFor me, writing is a lot like falling down a rabbit hole. I don’t think about it too much, in fact, it’s sort of an out of body experience where the story is unfolding in front of me and I am just dutifully taking down notes. Frequently, when I go back over the book before turning it in, I literally have no recall of writing a particular scene or conversation, which is a little unnerving. Then again, I fall asleep at the computer so often it could be that I’ve trained myself to write in my sleep and just don’t know it.

In any case, the one thing that I have learned is that for me the cupboard never seems to be bare. It’s actually the opposite. The more I write the more ideas I get and the more stories I want to tell. Not all of them are worthy. Sometimes it’s just a snippet that goes nowhere, like a puff of smoke when a candle is blown out, but other times the idea sinks its fangs so deeply into me I know I won’t shake it loose until I write it. On Borrowed Time was like that, and I got absolutely no peace until the book was done.

Here’s a brief description of the twentieth book to give you an idea of the story that demanded to be told:
Holiday cheer fills the air in the town of Briar Creek, making even the grumpiest public servant almost chipper. Things take a somber turn; however, when Lindsey finds her brother Jack hiding in one of the library’s meeting rooms. He tells her that he’s on the run from someone who wants to kill him and that he’ll explain later. When later comes, Lindsey opens the door to the meeting room to find her brother missing, leaving a dead body in his place. Now Lindsey is in on borrowed time, trying to find her brother before the police or the killer do.

I hope you enjoy reading On Borrowed Time as much as I enjoyed writing it. Here’s to twenty more mysteries or more! For more information about me or my books, you can go to my website. Find me on Facebook and Twitter.  Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter.

Happy reading!

on borrowed timeOn Borrowed Time
(A Library Lover’s Mystery)

5th in Series
A Berkley Prime Crime Mystery
The Berkley Publishing Group
Published by The Penguin Group
Cover Illustration by Julia Green
Cover Design by Rita Frangie
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0425260739
E-Book File Size: 2372 KB


Loving a good cup of coffee runs in the family for Briar Creek library director Lindsey Norris. But when her brother, Jack, a consultant for a coffee company, goes missing, her favorite beverage becomes a key clue in a dangerous mystery.

Between preparing the library for the holidays and juggling the affections of ex-boyfriend, Captain Mike Sullivan, and her new crush, actor Robbie Vine, Lindsey has her hands full. But the mysterious disappearance of her world-traveling playboy brother takes precedence over all.

Afraid that involving the police could brew trouble for Jack, Lindsey takes matters into her own hands. But as her quest for her brother embroils her in a strange case involving South American business dealings and an enigmatic and exotic woman, it’ll take the help of both her library book club—the crafternooners—and her eager-to-please suitors to keep Jack from ending up in hot water…


Dollycas’s Thoughts

Lindsey’s brother comes to town and he seems to be living “on borrowed time”! One minute he is there in the library crafternoon room resting after his long trip and when Lindsey goes back to check on him, he gone, but there is a dead body in his place. Hang on tight because the next 260 pages are packed with action as Lindsey tries to find her brother and figure out just what kind of trouble he has gotten himself into. The crafternooners and Lindsey’s love interests are more than happy to help her but they also need to keep Lindsay safe. They know her reputation to leap before she looks.

I love this series. The characters are real and fun. I think I would fit right in with the Crafternoon Book Group. Ms.Cole (Lemon) reminds me of a few librarians I have known personally. It is nice to see her softening just a little bit. She still tries to keep Lindseay minding her p’s  and q’s. I do like both Sully and Robbie and this tug of war in Lindsey’s love life but we learn more about Sully in this story and I think it is time for Lindsey to make up her mind. The way these guys try to to one up each other though is pretty funny.

This story was a very fast read because there was so much action. There was a boat chase that kept me turning those pages as fast as I could. There were some curlicue twists and some sharp turns to keep us readers fully engaged and even enraged at one point when our protagonist gets just a little too close to being hurt.

Jenn McKinlay is a fantastic storyteller. I anxiously await each and every book in this series. Every one surpasses the last. It is wonderful to see each character grow in each new adventure. The Briar Creek Library is just where the fun begins. From there who knows where Lindsey and and her friends will take us. All I know is I can’t wait to find out!

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37 thoughts on “Cozy Wednesday with Jenn McKinlay – Author of On Borrowed Time (Giveaway too!)

  1. I am so amazed by writers! I don’t know how you can keep the story straight and on course from beginning to end. But I am so thankful that you do!

  2. I really enjoyed the bit about writing and different writing methods. I am rather amazed at the whole process of creating a novel/story. It is even more amazing that the end result is readable! Now I am curious about Jenn’s books, such as On Borrowed Time. Already, I think I would enjoy it.

  3. Hi Jenn this looks like a great book and a new to me author. Lori thank you I can’t wait to get started reading. What are you reading right now Jenn?

  4. My book club just finished the 3rd book in the “A Library Lover’s Mystery” We love this series.

  5. I enjoy this series as much as the cupcake series. And the hat series. I’m always afraid that when an author I love puts out a new series that I might not like it because I am so welded to the current set of characters. Jen McKinlay has never let me down. PS I think Lindsey ought to choose Sully too.

  6. I love all of Jen McKinlay’s series, but I have to admit that Library Lovers is my favorite, and from the review, I can tell I won’t be disappointed. Fascinating thoughts on writing, too. Thanks!

  7. I’m seriously looking forward to reading this book. I’ve only read one of Jenn’s books before and I TOTALLY LOVED it!!!! On Borrowed Time is on my Christmas wish list.

  8. Thank you Jenn for a look inside your process of writing. And thank you Lori for the review. I’ve read all of the Library Lovers series except this one & have loved them all. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  9. I love Jen McKinlay’s series, but I must admit that the cupcake series is my favorite. From the review, I believe this new series might hold my interest as well. Appreciate her insight specific to writing and her process.

  10. I have never read any books in this series but this book sounds good. The holidays and a little romance for Lindsey. Sounds interesting when her brother disappears and she has her book club help her to look for him. I am going to look up the first book to enter on my TBR list on Good Reads.

  11. Congratulations on the publication of your 20th mystery! Love libraries and have added this book to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing.

  12. It’s always fun to discover a new author and especially one who writes lovely cozies. Briar Creek kind of reminds me of my home town. Would love to meet the characters.

  13. Thank goodness for Jenn and other great cozy and all mystery writers as they have kept me sane for the last 11 months of having to be at home with medical problems and being off my legs for 23 hours a day or so. Books have been my salvation and I thank everyone every day for the great stories that I get to read to keep my mind busy. Thank you for that. Jenn, I have every one of your books except this newest one. Loved every one of them.

  14. I have the first few books in A Library Lover’s Mystery series. I’d love to win this one! Even if I don’t win one, it’s on my TBR list.

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