Review – Naked Addiction by Caitlin Rother

WildBlue Press (October 7, 2014)
Paperback: 416 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0990557388
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Tired of working undercover narcotics, police detective Ken Goode wants a transfer to homicide. After the Camus-reading surfer finds the body of a beautiful woman in an alley, he is assigned to head a team of relief detectives with the hopes of proving he is homicide-worthy.

As Goode explores the underbelly of the affluent coastal enclave of La Jolla, California, and its hipster neighbor, Pacific Beach, he clashes with the patrons and employees of a neighborhood bar: real estate agents and beauty school students who have possible ties to an escort service and a drug ring – and keep turning up dead.

The untimely disappearance of Goode’s sister proves a worrisome distraction as he chases suspects and a dogged cub reporter chases him. But Goode doesn’t give up. He is determined to solve this case and land a full time place in the homicide division.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I was first introduced to Caitlin Rother’s work through her True-Crime stories, Lost Girls, Dead Reckoning and I’ll Take Care of You so I was already a fan. I knew this book was out there and the author was continuing to improve it and get it published. I am so glad things came together. This book started out as a short story and she used the knowledge she gained from writing True-Crime to make this an outstanding fictional story.

What Rother has given us in a complex mystery that brings together sex, drugs and murder. The story has so many layers and more that a few twists. It is so well-written. The authors years as a journalist shine as she draws the reader into the story.

Police Detective Ken Goode is so good! He is juggling several balls in the air and he tries to solve this murder and his police career comes full circle. He is also a man with a tragic past the has shaped the way he looks at life in general.

Norman Klein, the cub reporter has had this murder investigation story dropped into his lap because the regular crime reporter is out sick. He has the editor riding his back continually to get the story first with all the details, even when the police are not releasing much in the way of details. He goes to some very dangerous lengths to deliver what his boss wants. He clearly is not using his head as he goes places he has no business going.

Like most murder investigations there are several leads and not all of them pan out. The reader is taken behind the scenes and into the procedures followed as the investigation takes many different directions and I was totally surprised with the ending. At one point I thought and I knew the who and the why but I was only right on half of my theory and it was a theory I threw out several times as another suspect came to the forefront. So for me this was a perfect read.

I really like these characters and I hope Rother continues their stories in a future novel or series. She is already off to an excellent start.

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