Fan of the Month – February

fan of the month

This is the 2nd month in the Year of the Reader!

If you are a fan of my blog I know you are a READER!
So something new this year
I will be randomly choosing a

Fan of the Month!

Not only will this help me get to know you better but it will help the readers get to know each other better. You may find someone that likes the same authors, books, genres you do. You may “meet” someone that enjoys the same hobbies or is in a similar line of work. They may be someone you want to follow on Social Media.


So without further adieu!

It’s time to meet our February Fan of the Month!

linda k.Linda

A copy of As Gouda As Dead is on its way to her.
As you can see she is a fan of Avery Aames!

Tell us a little bit about yourself –

I am a retired Human Resources Director, married for over 30 years, with one daughter. My 15 minutes of fame came in 1992 when after reading one particular horror novel, I contacted Dean Koontz through his publisher to advise him of a case of plagiarism on his book, Phantoms. He contacted me by mail shortly thereafter and followed through with an investigation that resulted in a successful lawsuit against the author. As a thank you, Mr. Koontz sent me personally signed books of each new release for about the next ten years.

That is so Cool!

Where is your favorite place to curl up and Escape Into A Good Book?

Favorite place to read is anyplace, anytime. I always carry a book or IPad with me in case I have a free minute to read.

Do you have a favorite author, book or series?

Dean Koontz and Stephen King are my favorite horror novelists but I am also addicted to cozy mysteries including all those written by the Cozy Chicks authors and those on Killer Characters.

How long have you been a Fan of Escape with Dollycas into a Good Book?

I have been a fan of Escape with Dollycas since I retired from HR in 2011. I love her blogs because it helps me find new authors and series. And of course, it is always fun to win one of her giveaway contests.

I am really enjoying this new feature and hope you are too! Linda will also receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Linda will also be featured in the sidebar this month.

Thank you Linda for being February’s Fan of the Month!!

Would you like to be a Fan of the Month? You can sign up here. Fans are randomly chosen from names generated from this form.

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