Special Guest – Duffy Brown – Author of Dead Man Walker – Review – Giveaway too!!


special guest blueDuffy Brown is my Very Special Guest Today!
Dead Man Walker was released on Tuesday!

duffy brownHi, all. Dead Man Walker was out on Tuesday. It’s the fourth book in my Consignment Shop Mysteries and it’s Walker Boone’s story meaning it’s from his point of view and starts off…

“See, there he is, Mr. Boone,” Mercedes said to me. “Just like I told you on the phone, Conway Adkins dead as a fence post in his very own claw-foot bathtub and naked as the day he was born.”

“I take you added the washcloth?” I said to Mercedes, both of us standing in the doorway and staring at the corpse.

“Couldn’t be having the man laying there with his shrivelness all exposed to the world now could I. Not proper for a man his age.”

“Or for the rest of us,” I added.

dead man walkerA guy’s point of view, especially a hunky dude like Walker Boone is way different than writing in the female point of view. Guys don’t think about the color of their purse. They don’t do lunch or get over a problem with retail therapy…namely shopping for shoes. They don’t go out for ice cream when they’re down, they don’t mainline chocolate or eat peanut butter out of the jar…not that I would ever do such a thing.

Guys meet with their buds at the local watering hole and down a few or maybe they shoot pool or shoot hoops. Or they get bar grub or ribs or wings. Wings are always a guy pleaser.

I love guy friendships. Sherlock and Watson, Chandler and Joey on Friends, Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble, Bert and Ernie, Batman and Robin…you get the picture.

Walker has Big Joey…

“Dawg,” Big Joey said to me as I slip onto a stool next to his, everyone in the place giving Joey space. “Know you’d show.”
Big Joey was built like a Mac truck,
muscles buffed to jet black, gold tooth,
pony tail and main man of the Seventeenth
Street gang…my former home and forever
family. He was my brother in every sense of
the word except parental commonality.

Of course Walker Boone has other friendships, girl friendships like with Reagan. The two started off rocky in that Walker represented Reagan’s ex in her divorce but in solving mysteries they kept tripping over each other. At the end of Dead Man Walker, Walker’s on the run and Reagan and Bruce Willis…the other Bruce Willis…is there to help him out…

“This is circumstantial evidence,” I said to Reagan as we stood on the sidewalk outside my house. “The police have to see that someone’s setting me up to cover their own butt.”

“It’s your butt that needs covering, Walker Boone,” Reagan offered. “The police found your .38 and it matches the bullet that killed Conway. The cops are on their way. You got to get out of here right now.”

I looked at my red ‘57 Chevy convertible parked at the curb. “Might as well put a target on my back driving this thing.”

Reagan shoved her helmet at me. “Take Princess.”

“A scooter? You want me to ride a pink scooter named Princess?”

“Better than that being your nickname in the big house.”

This is Walker Boone’s story, his friendships the people and pets in his life that help him out no matter what.

So what about you? If you were in a tough spot like Walker who would help you out? Who would cover for you and lend you their pink scooter to get away? Who is your Big Joey or Reagan Summerside?



dead man walkerDead Man Walker
(A Consignment Shop Mystery Book 4)

Cozy Mystery
Setting – Georgia
Publisher: Berkley (February 3, 2015)
E-Book File Size: 1004 KB
Print Length: 71 pages


It’s springtime in Savannah, the azaleas and magnolias are in bloom, and Reagan Summerside’s consignment shop, the Prissy Fox, is bustling with customers out to enjoy the beautiful weather. On a day like today, what could go wrong?

As a mortician beautician and housekeeper, Mercedes is no stranger to corpses or messy bathrooms. But the last thing she expects to find in a client’s bathtub is a dead body! Now she’s a murder suspect and it seems like her life is going down the drain. She turns to local lawyer Walker Boone to get her out of hot water.

But Walker has his own surprising connections to the dead man in the tub, and now he needs Reagan’s help to clear his own name—and keep him alive…

Includes a preview of the Consignment Shop Mystery, Demise in Denim.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

I have seen this listed as Book 3.5 and Book 4 depending which site you’re on. What I call it is a prequel to Book 4, or teaser, or torture!! It is so good! but man Duffy and Berkley! this is so hard! Demise in Denim comes out April 7 and I am virtually standing here tapping my foot waiting for that day to arrive.

I absolutely llloooovvvvvveeeee these characters and look forward to visiting them so much. This time Walker has himself in a bathtub load of trouble and Reagan is doing everything she can to get him out of it. But she may land herself in trouble right along with him!

What really makes the book fun was that it is told Walker’s point of view instead of Reagan’s. He sees things like a man which as women know is totally and completely different. They seem to find unusual things of great importance and twist things more to their own advantage…right? It had to be very interesting for Duffy to write.

As you can see this story is really a novella and believe me it ends much too soon but I know Duffy will reward our patience tenfold but my foot is still tapping 🙂 I highly recommend you grab a copy of this very fast read with this warning – be prepared to laugh out loud and get ready to join me impatiently waiting for Demise in Denim. We may need to start a support group.

a perfect escape5 STARFISH

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Visit Duffy’s Webpage here to find out more about her and her books!

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38 thoughts on “Special Guest – Duffy Brown – Author of Dead Man Walker – Review – Giveaway too!!

  1. I must say a morticians beautician is an occupation not heard of often. I don’t know why but it makes me want to read this book and giggle at the same time. Thank you for your giveaway. I am looking forward to reading this book.

  2. After reading your review, I added this book to my BTR list. Dead Man Walker sounds great. Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. If it’s Reagan and company it’s got to be good. I know I’ll enjoy this one as much as the others.

  4. I love this series and especially Walker. Love that this novella is told from his point of view.

  5. Looking forward to starting this series, but would love to start with this exciting novella! Started picking up your books since starting Geared for the Grave and loved it!

    PS couldn’t find how to be a friend of Dollycas on Goodreads!

  6. I’ve read this author before so I am looking forward to reading this story. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Sounds like a good booK! I think it will extra interesting since you are writing from a man’s point of view!

  8. A mortician’s beautician and housekeeper is quite an interesting job. Not one for me, but great to read about. I’m sure that has lots of tales itself.

  9. Love Duffy’s series! Thanks for the review – just confirms that I want to read it! Thanks for he giveaway chance.

  10. This should be fun. Her job is different from the normal kind and I do love a good cozy. That title made me smile and I adore the cover art. I grabbed the free short story and will be reading it this weekend:)

  11. I own a few aprons for coverage in crafts classes and have been giving some as gifts this year for birthdays, thank yous and apropos holidays. I have made some from old jeans minus the bib part for the kitchen, making use of the pockets especially.

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