Fan of the Month – May

fan of the month

This is the 5th month in the Year of the Reader!

If you are a fan of my blog I know you are a READER!

So this year I will be randomly choosing a

Fan of the Month!

Not only will this help me get to know you better but it will help the readers get to know each other better. You may find someone that likes the same authors, books, genres you do. You may “meet” someone that enjoys the same hobbies or is in a similar line of work. They may be someone you want to follow on Social Media.

I am excited to introduce of May’s Fan of the Month!


A Little About Me:

I’m a CA native who grew up with my nose in a book. I’m an accountant by trade, but a fiction addict by night. If I’m not reading, I’m watching TV and movies. I also love ultimate Frisbee and mud runs.

My favorite place to curl up with a good book:

I will read anywhere and everywhere I can. The majority of my reading time happens on my lunch hour, and I read in the front seat of my car. Another favorite place is the recliner in my living room.

Favorite Author, Book, or Series:

I’ve got plenty of favorites. From childhood, I love the Trixie Belden series. I still love the Mrs. Pollifax series, a series which inspired my internet user name of Carstairs. I also love Sue Ann Jaffarian (who got me in to mud runs), Laura Levine, Donna Andrews, and Rhys Bowen among many, many others.

Fictional character becoming real:

For years, I’ve dreamed about meeting Trixie Belden and her friends. To this day, I would still love to find myself in Sleepyside.

How long have I been an EwDiaGB fan?

I found the blog a couple of years ago and immediately started following.

Favorite part of EwDiaGB?

I love the title because when you are reading a good book, it really is an escape. I also love the reviews, which have lead me to give second thought to several books I had dismissed. And I’ve found several authors I’ve enjoyed as a result of the reviews changing my mind.

Thank you Mark for being May’s Fan of the Month!!

Mark also has a blog you should all check out!

Carstairs Considers….

It is one of my favorite blogs to visit!

Fans of the Month receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of a book featured on my blog during their month!

Would you like to be a Fan of the Month? You can sign up here. Fans are randomly chosen from names generated from this form.


6 thoughts on “Fan of the Month – May

  1. Mark and Carstairs Considers are such wonderful members of the Cozy Mystery community. (I also follow many of his TV reviews and recaps.)

  2. Hi Mark! Correct me if I’m mistaking, but I know you from Goodreads. Good choice Lori! Congratulations Mark for this honor!
    Sandy in So. Cali

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